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Lori Andrew's raises lots of concerns about The Internet with her book, "I know who you are."

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Apr 24, 2012 in Internet
Law professor, Lori Andrews raises some very important questions and concerns regarding our growing reliance on computer technology. Especially so with regards to The Internet. There is very little that slips by unmonitored on the World Wide Web, according to Andrews in her book "I Know Who You Are and I saw What You Did." (Yeah, it does sound similar to a movie title).
Yet how appropriate the title because some sort of "big brother" type of entity is watching and recording our every move on The Internet, even the entry of this blog. Andrews with her legal background is urgently trying to get the people to wake up to this Cyber reality.
As technology continues to advance and become more streamlined the on-going surveillance of our lives will continue. For example, Andrews points out in her book that every time you go on line even to purchase a simple item, it is being recorded.
Also, while it is being recorded a digital outline of you (or profile) is being compiled in one form or another. The age of the Internet has brought upon us new frontiers and some of these are just now becoming clearer and in some ways more complicated. Intellectual properties, how privacy is handled, even to how law is administered is all impacted by this revolutionary invention we call "The Web."
Andrews points to dozens of cases in her book. What is more frightening is that the world of the near future will be very different than anything known before.
Andrews is sending an important message for us to hear and hopefully we will listen.