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The End Of Consumerism?

By Greer Nicholson
Posted Apr 24, 2012 in Lifestyle
A very curious thing has happened. I no longer enjoy shopping. Even at food stores, I get in and out as quickly as possible, buying only what I need.
Am I becoming a guy? Is this some sort of meta-level sex change?
This is all the more extraordinary in that I truly care about fashion, style and the latest looks. Further, I am a fashion and fabric junkie.
I am SUCH a girlie. I always LOVED shopping for clothes.
I get newsletters from at least 10 fashion websites and "alerts" from discount sites. I continue to care about current style trends.
I have a long history with shopping for clothes.
By the time I was 12, I cared about fashion with an abiding passion. My mother sewed extremely well, so I knew what felt and fitted and looked good.
Essentially, I had champagne tastes on a beer budget.
I became really good at pandering to my luxury tastes, while never going broke. Yes, reader, I struggled at times. But I managed.
Now, I am in my late 50s. Truth is that I have most of what I will ever need. Yes, computers will eventually break, as will washing machines and other stuff.
And these will be replaced, as needed.
The big change is that I won't love the whole process. It will be a functional level of decision-making.
I bought the whole idea of "investment dressing" for a long time,
Just how many suits does one woman need? Am I intending to adopt a whole nation requiring designer clothes?
I don't think so.
Actually, I have sufficient clothes, even in the unlikely event that I live to a ripe old age.
The line needs to be drawn somewhere. I will never be caught, dead or alive, in a polyester velour track suit. Not happening, ever.
Velvet, yes. Velour, no way.
You can have no idea quite how many perfect things I have to wear. The reality is that I need nothing else.
Shoes will wear out. They will be replaced.
I have a thrift shop habit that will continue. That's recycling and in tune with the Green principles I hold dear.
Really, it's down to a fear of being controlled by things I no longer wish to be controlled by.
There is no shoe that will give me a better life or make me a happier person. There are good brands that suit me. I will continue to love them.
No purse or handbag will lift my status. My favourite bags were made by my mother and I will look after them so they last forever.
I just have enough coats, dresses, jeans and everything else that there will never be a "need" factor again.
I may fall in love with an item. I will allow for that.
How many women have been controlled by their desires for some item that makes them feel that they are a member of an exclusive club? Even those of us who like to think that we have good brains? Why?
So enough is enough. I am officially looking for someone who will sell a bunch of stuff for me, for a percentage of their earnings on my things.
I cannot think I will become a minimalist overnight. That's not happening.
I will continue to buy books, CDs and DVDs.
But I think my love affair with clothes is, in the main, over.
Reader, I have enough. In fact, I have too much.
Now, may I get on with other dreams?

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