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Metaphysical Energy Of "Chi" Also Known As "Qi"

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 24, 2012 in Health
Qi is frequently translated as life energy, life-force, or energy flow. Qi is considered an esoteric form of spirituality and alternative medicine. The ancient Chinese described it as "life-force".
The masters of "Chi" continue to baffle the scientific world with skills that very few humans can do. Take a journey with these masters of chi, and the amazing abilities each has achieved, through the metaphysical world of chi.
In the China town of Urban Java a chi master, only known as "DJ" for his interview, continues to astound the scientific world with his skills. Known to the people as a healer, who directs a powerful energy from his own body into his patients to cure them of their ailments, along with acupuncture in some cases.
In Beijing, China at "Purple Bamboo Park" explore the power of chi with "Master Shoung Cheng Shun" as he shows how using chi can be a weapon of defense.
Master Duan Zhi-Liang who has lived most of his 90 years in Beijing and practices a style of chi call "Wuji Qigong." Master Duan is a highly respected healer, who uses his chi as a means of healing.
Witness the wonders of Master Duan in a PBS story, that follows him as he shows the wonders of chi in healing.
Master Tan Soo Kong is a popular Qigong Master in Malaysia. He is leading practitioner, providing alternative treatment services and training for general health and self-healing. Master Tan combines Qi Gong along with traditional Chinese medicine on his patients.The relationship of Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine is that both possess the same foundation,.
These are just a few of the many stories of those who have mastered the energy of chi, and natural healing techniques that have been hidden from most of western society for quite some time. As more information continues to flood the Internet, it has opened up a gateway to the benefits of natural healing, from other cultures, and non surgical methods of resolving a problem without having to take factory processed pills.
Natural medicines, along with natural healing techniques continue to move forward, as people seek alternative forms of treatment for their problems. This has sent an alarm through the pharmaceutical industry. Medical marijuana, and the continuing stories of its benefits over traditional medicine continues to soar.
More states are passing laws to legalize this natural herb for medical use, while the Federal government, continues to arrest people in these states, under Federal law.
This is being done, because the major pharmaceutical companies have given millions of dollars, to government lobbyist, to suppress medical marijuana which is becoming a threat to the industry, as more, and more Americans turn away from pills for a natural substance.

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