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Breast Massage: Growing global industry?

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 24, 2012 in Health
April 24, 2012
Is Breast Massage Simply Therapy? Or Simply Porn?
There has been an heightened interest in the benefits of having breast massages in China, as well as most of the world. With the increasing amount of information coming out about how breast massage can be a preventative in health risk in many ways for women. It has been found to beneficial for women who have had breast cancer.
Even though breast massages are on the increase in China, they are widely used around the world. The United States is one of the few countries in the world, where breast massage is illegal in most states. Canada, Europe, Asia and many other countries have been using this technique for years.
Many believe breast massage is a preventative for breast cancer, and that it detoxifies, and rejuvenates tissue. It is believed that deadly toxins toxins build up in lymph nodes that can't released and have been linked to many breast issues.
There are many reasons why breast massage should be routine for most women. Unlike many countries, most Americans in general, still find it difficult to move beyond viewing breasts in a nonsexual way , so the women of the U.S. continue to miss out on a procedure, that would be beneficial to the quality of their health.
When a new mother has problems with attaining or maintaining an adequate breast milk supply despite nursing frequently and on the baby's request and despite the baby latching well. There can be a number of reasons for this condition. From medicines, to herbs, sometimes a breast pump might make the difference.
The term for things used to increase milk supply are called lactogogues, and breast massages seem to be the the most popular, cost effective way to achieve milk production for mothers of nursing babies. Licensed lactogogues in China have been around for many years in China, and breast massage, and manipulation is a very normal thing to the Chinese people.
Breast massage also helps to relieve: Breast tenderness, Uneven or lumpy breast tissue, Pre-menstrual tension and discomfort, Swelling and pain from breast surgery, Pectoralis muscle pain and Mastiti.
All of the licensed latogogues in China up until May of 2011 have been women. The first licensed male Xia Jun, a CEO of a housekeeping service in Shanghai, has received his certificate after only three months of training.
Mr. Jun received his certificate from China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Mr. Jun plans are to incorporate breast-massage training therapy for his company's male managers in 160 branches throughout China.
Mr.Jun has no plans to train his female staff, that job will be left up to the 160 male managers who will receive the initial training from Mr. Jun himself. No information was found as to how Mr. Jun will market this service to his clients.
During the mid-1900's Mr. Tom Bowen of Perth, was considered by many as the #1 Natural Health Doctor in Australia. Mr. Bowen discovered a natural breast health procedure that has been so effective, it is still being used all over the world.
In Canada, you can find breast massage training in most provinces, which seems to be more extensive and clinical, than most. In Europe you will find similar practices, which are referred to as lymphatic drainage massage. Breast massage is not something new, but has finally reached a level, where people are talking about it.
For women in places where breast massage is not available, there are other alternatives to a licensed professional breast massage therapist. There are numerous self massage techniques available online, along with various types of machines that claim to provide something similar to the same sensation one would get from a hand.
There are even massage bras, so there is no shortage for a women of the world to find the means of stimulating her breasts, to what has been said, can only lead to a healthier life.
It is possible to encourage breast growth by practicing breast massage. Though the results may not be phenomenal as compared to various other methods of breast enhancement, it is still a great natural option.
To give you an idea of what would you might expect if you went to get a breast massage from a licensed therapist.
Susan Matthews, M.S. talks to women who have experienced the difference in their breasts from massage therapy.