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Beyonce's Baby 2012 - Is Blue Ivy Carter a Doll?

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 23, 2012 in Entertainment
April 23, 2012
As they say in Hollywood, the fake Beyonce baby story seems to have legs.
It all started when Beyonce appeared on the Australian program "Silent Night." The Internet went wild, as claims of Beyonce faking her pregnancy went around the world, when they watched her stomach fold as she was sitting down for an interview.
"Silent Night" received numerous calls, letters, and emails about the program, and about Beyonce's baby bump collapsing. A follow up story about these allegations was launched by "Silent Night" which aired to try to disprove claims. After further review at 46 seconds into the video, right before she sat down seemed to go with the majority. I will have to "bend" in the same direction as the majority.
Any woman who has had a child would know, that by the time you are as far along as Beyonce was in the interview, you can't bend to sit down, you have to fall back. Beyonce's stomach bend isn't even a possibility for a woman that pregnant. Proof? Find any pregnant woman that far along, and see if she can sit down the way Beyonce did. At 46 seconds into the video the bend starts to happen before she even sits down.
The next Beyonce "bump" in the news, was when would the baby would be delivered. In December there were rumors that the baby had been born, which turned not to be true!
Could have been a tax right off, but also would have generated more news.
Blue Ivy Carter is born. Once again, mystery and rumors surrounded the amount of money that the couple spent to secure a whole floor of the hospital. What no one seems to be talking about, is the doctor, and nurses, that would have had to attend to Beyonce, and baby Blue.
Why wouldn't the OB be allowed to announce the birth? There hasn't been a peep out of the dozens of hospital staff that supposedly would have been used at a hospital. Who did deliver Beyonce's baby?
Following that, the next news to hit the Internet, the proud parents of Blue Ivy posting the first pictures of the new arrival. For a couple who love to perform, fly around the world to do interviews, limelight, and enjoy the most expensive things that a dollar can buy it was surprising that the quality of the pictures was so bad.
Why didn't they have a professional photographer come in? Why didn't they do like the other celebs who have babies and donate the photos to a charity? Is it possible to find a doll that looks like a real real baby, and could it fool someone into believing it was real? You be the judge. Does this look like a real baby?
At the "Neverland Nursery" you can get any type of baby you want. These dolls are like babies for older people, and the more real they look, the more people are willing to spend on them. Through the photos by Rebecca Martinez, you can see how real life babies are special. Can you tell the difference, really, without touching one?
On March 30, 2012 to present day, news sites have been questioning whether the baby that Beyonce has made numerous appearances out in public with, is real.
Many of Beyonce's fans are defending her against these accusations, which she has not addressed. The only way these rumors will go away, is if they do get professional photographs, and Beyonce lets the public see her child.
This is the first time in the "Entertainment Industry" that a major star has not shown photos of their child that weren't by a professional, or had their child covered up for the length of time Blue has been. Only when Beyonce is coming, or going seem to be the only photo time the couple wants with photographers.
Whenever Beyonce is out with this child, it seems that the head is always covered. Most of the first photos of Beyonce out with her baby, only show a child that seems to not need an opening for air.
In a photo published on "Tattle Tailzz" you have to wonder. Is this a baby, pillow, or ? Whatever it is, can it breath? Have you ever seen anyone carry a baby of this size with one hand?
When the first photos of baby Ivy's legs and arms appeared, it seemed to quiet the skeptics, but as you will see in most of the photos published online the limbs of the baby most of the time are in the same position, with the head always covered.
A family vacation to St. Barts, with temperatures never dipped below 74.7. Beyonce was photographed holding Ivy, along with a blanket that looks so heavy, and unless is was snowing this blanket would not be the choice of a mother for her child on a hot day at the beach.
"X17Online" posted some photos that when blown up, the elbow joint of the baby Ivy's arm looks swollen and distorted, along with the upper part of her right leg. Silicon?
When "US Weekly" published an article about Beyonce and her $559 Roberto Cavalli, it also featured a picture of her with baby Ivy that allows you to zoom in. The ankle on the right leg seems to have an indentation, where a bone should be. Is there something wrong with the baby?
The mystery of baby Blue Ivy Carter will be only be solved, when pictures are published of a child, who is breathing, happy, and looks like the one that was first introduced to the world.
The truth always seems to find a way to the surface, no matter how long it takes....

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