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US Marine veteran Major Christopher Miller speech for Ron Paul went viral

By Paul Bisnar
Posted Apr 23, 2012 in Politics
Despite of mainstream media (MSM) scanty coverage to US Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, You Tube, Daily Paul, independent blog and websites became the alternative media to give its readers and viewers a venue to know about what’s really happening in his campaign trail. For the past few months, the crowd attending the campaign rallies is getting bigger in number. Last April 4, he drew almost 8,000 supporters in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), many had difficulty getting a seat and some managed to climbed trees just to get a better view and listen to Ron Paul’s message of liberty, non-interventionist foreign-policy and sound money. Two days before the Pennsylvania Primary, 4,300 supporters, clad in raincoats and ponchos, flood his rally in Independence Mall in Philadelphia.
Aside from MSM scanty coverage to Ron Paul growing number of supporters, it also underreported Ron Paul success in GOP caucus state events like in Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota or Missouri, to name a few. Recently, Ron Paul won 20 out of 24 of congressional delegates in state of Iowa. In Minnesota, he won the plurality of congressional delegates.
Despite of MSM ignoring the growing support of Ron Paul, an event that happened in GOP Missouri Congressional District last April 21, went viral in You Tube.
United States Marine Corps veteran Major Christopher Miller, a Ron Paul delegate from St. Charles County, made a passionate speech during the aforementioned district convention.
He served for 27 years in the US Marine Corps, served in multiple combat tours as explosive ordnance disposal officer, disarming bombs and leading bomb disposal technician in combat.
“I’m tired of theses wars. The marine corps is tired of these wars. The whole armed services are tired of these wars. We’re tired of this so called Republican and so called Democrats. They gave us the same garbage who are no different from one another. We are tired of it. Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents any change. We’re tired of the Obama change and the Obamacare, and all the other Obama garbage. I do not believe that Mr. Romney, Governor Romney is gonna give us anything else than more Obama garbage,” he firmly uttered.
The participants in the district convention clapped loudly showing their support.
Then, he shouted, “We need real change! We don’t need of more of the same. Our country cannot stand anymore of the same. We need real change!”
After finishing his passionate speech, he again shouted “Oorah!”
The delegates stand up, clapped, whistled and shouted, electrifying the district convention.

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