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Animal & Plant mutations in the U.S & the continuous flow of radiation in the atmosphere from Fukushima

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 23, 2012 in Environment
April 23, 2012
There are so many chemicals in the air, and the truth is no government wants to say what is causing these mutations, even though many speculate that it is from Japan. It could be radiation fallout, or the continuous bombardment of chemtrails, or Monsanto GMO products, and pesticides.
Whatever it may be, it is changing the surface of our planet, which is starting to show, in plants, animals, and people. How long will people wait to know? When the air is not fit to breath, or the food is to toxic to eat?
We are living in a time, where change will be up to the people, as politicians who have been bought out by big corporations, and the elite see nothing but the dollar. Money has become like heroin, the addiction for more never ceases no matter how much you have.
The first reported mutation was of a bunny just outside the exclusion zone near Japan's crippled Fukushima plant, in June of 2011.
Moushiwake arimasen takes a look from the past to the present of the Fukushima disaster, as the levels or radiation increase, and the glowing reflection at night of radiation being released into the atmosphere.
Most people aren't aware, the radiation continues to spew from the damaged reactors, and hasn't stopped since the accident. The night pictures allow people to grasp just what is happening.
Which brings up to the U.S., where reports have been made of radiation levels by digital journalist, and not the government. On April 24, 2012 "ichicax4" continues to try to bring awareness of our atmosphere, and the changes that are occurring to plant life around the world!
Change can only happen, if people continue to speak up, spreading the news that continues to be blacked out for most around the world, by mainstream news.
A young Japanese band called "Flying Dutchman" have tried to reach out to people about the dangers of nuclear power through their music. In a song called "Humanerror" these young men educate the people about nuclear power in a message that comes through the sound of music, combined with a voice. This tiny voice is trying to make a difference for all the people in the world.