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Skating on Thin Ice By Not Embracing Mobile Marketing

By Jeff Ryznar
Posted Apr 23, 2012 in Technology
I found myself doing something this weekend that I NEVER thought I would ever be doing...watching hockey on TV. I'm one of those people who say, "Hockey is great live but I just can't watch it on TV." Then, the NHL Playoffs started. While I don't know all the rules and don't know the players, I was drawn into it. I didn't know what I was watching really, or the story lines in play, I just knew that this was something that was exciting, new and I needed to be a part of it. Twitter was blowing up about the matches. ESPN was breaking in with updates. I new it something big was happening and if I didn't jump on board, I knew I was going to miss something big.
How many companies feel this way every day when they look at mobile marketing? 65% of companies say they will definitely increase digital spending next year in mobile advertising/marketing, highest increase among all options, according to a February 2012 study of advertisers by ValueClick Media. Like me with hockey this week, more and more companies are starting to see that there is something special happening and they need to be a part of it. Mobile has become an electronic lifeline and digital spouse to all of us. It is the first thing we look for in the morning and sometimes the last thing we see before we close our eyes to go to sleep. It is a device that is single handedly changing the way brands and consumers engage, establish and build relationships. Each evolution we have undergone with media has brought us closer together. The evolution continues and faster than ever. To think that in just over 100 years time, we have seen the emergence and inventions of radios, TV's, computers and wireless devices, it is rather scary to think what lies around the corner...
But as for mobile, it is an area that can unite a company, a brand, a team, a group quicker and faster than any other medium available. And while companies might not fully understand it, it doesn't mean they should just ignore it. Brands are beginning to act more and more like I did this weekend: jump on and learn as you go because you don't want be the one left out of the conversation and miss the excitement that it has to offer. If you do, you might be the one skating on thin ice, missing an opportunity that can be a true "power play" for the growth of your company and the relationships it has with its consumers.