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Vaccines & the added ingredients that are going into your body

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 22, 2012 in Health
April 22, 2012
The word vaccination was first used by Edward Jenner in 1796. The word "vaccination" was originally used specifically to describe the injection of smallpox vaccine. Small Pox was the disease that created a need for a vaccine. There is very little history on the origin of smallpox.
history, researchers and physicians have played key roles in vanquishing disease, from testing and distributing the first American smallpox vaccine in 1800, to the breakthrough in the 1940's that led to a polio vaccine, to the myriad advances of today’s broad-ranging medical research.
In the United States, vaccinations were introduced in to the public school system in 1855 in Massachusetts. Promoted by the government which the people trusted, people were encouraged to take the shot which resulted in many death, after the shot was administered. There were flaws, but the money being made overrode any concern for human life.
For each million people vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine, as many as 250 could die, according to the American Medical Association. Multiply 250 times 285 (millions of Americans) and the possible deaths from universal smallpox vaccination could equal 71,250.
Once it was seen how much money had been generated from the small pox vaccine, the world of vaccinations took off. In 1957 Dr. Eleanor McBean an outspoken American anti-vaccinist spoke out against vaccines in a published article called "The Poisoned Needle"
Even after Merck scientist Dr Maurice Hilleman admits SV40, AIDS and cancer in vaccines, new vaccines continue to be made. Greed not health seems to be the front-runner in the vaccine market. Have diseases been intentionally created to generate money?
Most people aren't even aware of what the ingredients are in each vaccine shot being injected into their bodies. Are vaccines really doing what they claim to do? Hard to believe after listening to Dr. Hilleman, whose laughter seemed to come from the thought of all the money he planned to make on the ignorance of the innocent.
There are many additives that are found in most vaccines, that you wouldn't dream about putting into your body, but they are in vaccines. Next time your child is getting a shot, it would be wise to ask before the shot is administered, what it contains.

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