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RNC Will Not Declare A Winner Until 4/1/2012 ** Fraud In Voting Changing Delegate Status

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 22, 2012 in Politics
April 22, 2012
Reince Priebus the chairman for the Republican National Committee in an interview with "CNN" Mr. Priebus was questioned about Mitt Romney at a private event requesting them to sign a loyalty pledge to Romney.
Mr. Priebus could not give CNN a confirmation of Mitt Romney being the party choice. Things seem to be happening in the GOP that are going against Romney, and continue to bring awareness voting rules, and regulations.
In North Dakota, Romney came in third, yet he wins all the delegates. What about the peoples vote?
Does Romney really have the delegates that has been reported in the news? Then why have his actions reflected something else? The question of Mitt Romney really being the winner is becoming a topic. "Reality Check" which has been the only news to cover delegates from state to state continues to expose failure of voting rules and regulations, which continue to give wins to Romney that aren't legal.
What is happening is the Ron Paul campaign along with "Reality Check" continue working long hours to continue reporting the truth, and demanding for rules of the party to be followed.
This latest news could be the reason that the RNC does not want to declare Romney the winner. What has happened in St. Charles could continue, as truth of the voting scandal which seems to have been in the majority of the states that have already had caucuses are coming to the surface.
Truth continues to awaken the masses, as Ron Paul wins in do over caucus in St. Charles, after rules were broken to try to change the outcome