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"FREE ENERGY" Living off the grid

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 22, 2012 in Technology
April 22, 2012
Mike Strizki, who is considered a renewable energy pioneer, opens his doors to let the world in his world of clean energy. This film interview with Mike by shows how people around the world can sustain a comfortable lifestyle while living off the grid.
Mike Strizki, shows the world how free energy can be applied to just about anything one could think of, and how it could change the world we live in today.
Oil is not a necessity, but a form of greed! In 1870 when "Rockefeller"r created "Standard Oil" made his move to dominate the worlds oil. The conspiracy that has changed the lives of every man, woman, and child to this day.
"Off The Grid New's" has made it a point to keep those off the grid informed what they believes is important, and useful information to its readers on surviving and thriving off the gird.
Was there really a need to be on the grid from the beginning? Alternative energy resources, are not something that is being encouraged by government, other than to those wanting a wind, or solar contract. As these government funded green companies go bankrupt, it seems the owners all have some relationship to a politician.
Friends, brothers, cousins, or former co-worker.
Most companies that get these huge contracts always seem to have some kind of connection on the inside. Ford was not one of these companies, and was the only U.S. auto owned company not to take a bailout! Drive a Ford, support your country.
One of those inventions was the plastic car, made by Henry Ford in 1941. A car made out of hemp fiber stronger than steel. So, if this were a fact, then why are we using steel if there is something stronger?
Why didn't the government want this car to be made? Why did the U.S. government get rid passenger trains? Oil, oil, oil, which equals greed, greed, and more, greed!
The U.S. if it had been about people, would have the best rail system in the world. To much time was spent looking for the next war to rage, because profits triple those of anything else, and wars cannot happen without oil.
The conspiracy continues, which will help more to understand why this plant with millions of uses was branded illegal to use in any form, even construction.

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