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Inside The World Of Metaphysical Art

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 21, 2012 in
April 22, 2012
Metaphysical Art takes your mind on a mystical ride of enlightenment.
You will know when you're looking at a piece of metaphysical art when you see more art within the artwork itself. How does one judge a good piece of metaphysical art, from a bad one?
One piece of artwork will stand out from the others and Metaphysical Art seems to draw on the different individual energy each individual possesses.
When your energy connects with a piece of art, your eyes are drawn to the image before there is a thought, as the energy coming from the art will hold you in a trance. As your eyes move around the artwork, your mind awakens to even more possibilities and images within the artwork itself.
Imagine that you are tapping into a part of the brain that is not ordinarily used. You will know you are there by the experience of an endorphins release, which is said to be similar to a runner's high, or the out of body experience that comes when the pineal gland escapes bondage through meditation.
"Metaphysical Art" seems to visual way of opening up the pineal gland. "Metaphysical Art" is like a mirror, instead of reflecting an image, it reflects energy. Having the opportunity to experience a metaphysical show at the "Mosa House" in Miami Beach during second Saturday art walk on April 14, 2012 was truly amazing!
This was Uri Dowbenko's first show at the Mlami Art Walk and it was filled with people, who seemed to be in a state of trance as they looked at the paintings and over-sized murals on the walls.
People were sitting around on couches and chairs just staring at the art. One piece, even though there were many, seemed to stand out for me. Mr. Dowbenko used it to open his show. It was called "Uncharted Territory -- Transition", which inspired me to write about art that most people have never seen or experienced in person.
What I saw in this piece of art was the creation of life and the path of transition that every human on the planet goes through on their journey through life. This art piece seemed to make me think about my own transitions in my life and those of the people I am surrounded with.
This piece of art seemed to draw me into the past, present, and future -- at the same time. A transcending experience

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