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GOP news that wasn't reported on mainstream news

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 21, 2012 in Politics
Most Americans are aware of the upcoming presidential elections, but many are not aware of the stories of the GOP that aren't making the news. On 4/20/2012, Jeb Bush former governor of Florida endorsed Mitt Romney for president.
As most of the mainstream news continues to report on Romney's advancement, it seems like there is some discrepancy, on who the people are really supporting. Most Americans who have over the years been involved in politics know that there are flaws in the voting systems of the U.S., as well as the rest of the world.
Numbers have been put on paper that say Romney is the clear front runner for the GOP, but what continues to be seen, is that the Ron Paul crowds double or triple those of Romney. So how is it that Romney is winning without signs of the so called masses that are said to be voting, but don't seem to be showing up to hear him speak.
Now, the Illinois primary has come, and again the failure of reporting what is really happening in Illinois remains in the closet, hidden from the view of most Americans. Here reporting the news on "DJ" comes the truth. You be the judge! Who do you think really won in Illinois.
Mitt Romney giving his winning speech
in Illinois to a small crowd of people. Did he really win the peoples vote? Seems there would be a bigger crowd if this were true.
Now, for a man that the mainstream news continues to blackout the record breaking crowds, that were only seen in the last presidential election with Obama. Like the Obama campaign, even with the large crowds, the mainstream media continued to report he didn't have a chance.
Well we know what the result was, and as Ron Paul continues his march forward, as the crowds grow bigger, which seems to point to the real choice of the people. The only way for Romney to win, will be the same way G.W. Bush won.
Look at the crowd that came to hear Ron Paul speak. Looks like the clear winner, from the people perspective, and thanks to digital reporters, his message of truth is ringing loud and clear!
Hope this story will encourage the readers to do their own research, and look at the crowds that have come to see Ron Paul, look at how news media continue not to report on this. If Romney would have had crowds like Paul, it would have been on every major network in America.
Clearly the political choice is for Romney, but it seems that the clear choice of the people is Ron Paul!!!
Is there a conspiracy going on in the GOP?

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