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Self defense is not adding up for Zimmerman

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Apr 17, 2012 in Crime
Nothing happens in a vacuum. George Zimmerman’s behavioral pattern was established prior to the shooting incident with Trayvon Martin.
The most important 911 call is when you hear someone screaming for his life and then a gunshot. The case hinges on these all important 30+ seconds.
Zimmerman has a history of a wanna be cop. He worked for a company providing party security and was fired for being “too aggressive” with the party goers.
Multiple break-ins occurred in Zimmerman’s neighborhood and he volunteered to the neighborhood watch. He carried a gun during the watch, although later he claimed he went to the grocery store. The neighborhood was frustrated with law enforcement not doing much regarding the break ins, as was Zimmerman apparently.
Zimmerman called 911 on numerous occasions to report suspicious activity which tells us he was clearly motivated to do something about the crime spree in his neighborhood. And rightfully so. Law Enforcement generally does not do anything in cases of stolen property unless violence or significant socio-economic loss has occurred.
During the 911 call, Zimmerman clearly stated “these assholes always get away with it” and with that statement we understand where Zimmerman mindset was: “This time he (Martin) will not get away with it”.
During the 911 call, Zimmerman states “he is running away” and shows us that Martin was not so sure about Zimmerman’s presence. Instead of letting Martin go on his way, Zimmerman revealed his mindset: “He will not get away, not this time”. Zimmerman chased Martin despite being told not to follow him. Zimmerman seems motivated by fear that Martin would get away through the other entrance . He ignored the dispatcher's warning. He knew PD was on their way and never even considered that Martin might belong on the estate. It was more important to Zimmerman for "this criminal" not to get away than to wait for assistance. Zimmerman took initiative.
portion of transcript 911 call Zimmerman to Sanford PD
portion of transcript 911 call Zimmerman to Sanford PD
Martin's behavioral pattern is that of a rebellious 17 year old when you hear about the twitter account and the school suspension. Yet, Martin removed himself from the scene by running away which is showing fear and the wish to de-escalate. That is the opposite of the confrontation that occurred. Screaming and a gun shot were heard. Martin was shot to death.
We arrived at the crucial part of the 911 call. The screaming heard on the tape was “not Zimmerman’s” according to two different experts and Trayvon’s mother said “ that is my baby”. The screaming lasted about 35-40 seconds before the gunshot was heard. And that is a major hurdle Zimmerman faces today.
Zimmerman's history shows a man who takes initiative. His numerous 911 calls, the aggressive behavior as security for which he was fired, carrying a gun during neighborhood watch, ignoring the dispatcher and chasing Martin.
An altercation happened and Martin might even have started to fight as Martin likely felt threatened himself as Zimmerman chased him. Martin had his ice tea, his skittles, his legs to run, his fists to pump. Martin lived in the community and likely thought of Zimmerman as a potential burglar. Zimmerman felt empowered by a gun and one person is screaming for mercy for 30+ seconds. And that is Zimmerman’s problem.
Martin (17) could not have overpowered Zimmerman (28) carrying a gun and 11 years his superior. Zimmerman would have pulled the gun if he felt threatened and Martin, unarmed, would have ran away again. It was Martin pleading for his life for 30+ seconds and Zimmerman had control over Martin. Yet, after those crucial 30+ seconds, Zimmerman still pulls the trigger.
Did Zimmerman accidentally pull the trigger because the situation was tense and he was not aware of how tense his trigger hand had become? Or was it intentional as his mindset was "He will not get away this time?"
The 911 tape will be discussed in court as the case hinges on these all important 30+ seconds.
The court will figure it out. Time will Tell. Yet, Zimmerman's position is precarious to say the least.