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The Prodigal Son is Back!

By Bill Schmalfeldt
Posted Apr 15, 2012 in Politics
OK, I'm back.
I was gone for awhile, writing for one of the other, bigger and (dare I say) more successful online publications. But what does it profit a man to gain the world if he should lose his soul?
I made more money over there, but there are more important things. Self respect topping the list.
The culture over there? Conservative. In the top 200 on their leaderboard, I was #75 as the Baltimore Liberal Examiner. There wasn't a national progressive, liberal or Democrat examiner in the top 200. At #20 is a racist, hate-blogger who seems intent on starting a race war. He called me out on something I wrote -- put an insulting comment in my comment section, linked to my story in a story he wrote, calling me a liar.
I responded in kind.
I was told, "Do that again and you're fired."
Had a long discussion with the manager on Friday. We ended the discussion with the understanding that nobody cares what I think about the political culture over there, and if this guy wants to say whatever he wants to say about me or anybody else, that's fine. But if I so much as say his name in my sleep, I'm gone.
So, I've decided to take a hiatus. I'll leave my stories there on the site so they can continue to make money. But I will resume writing my political stories over here. I may not have as many readers over here, I may not make as much money, but I certainly feel more respected here than I ever was there.
So howdy. And here I am.