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This Quizzing Life For 4/12/12

By Jon Pike
Posted Apr 12, 2012 in Entertainment
It has been quite a long while since I have been able to blog about trivia and quizzing. In that time, I participated for a short while in the Kaleidoquiz contest held by Iowa State University out of Ames, Iowa. It wasn't a bad contest.
A lot of the questions were aimed at people in the Iowa State and Ames community. It was a little bit difficult for distance participants to participate in this contest. I will say that from what I heard, it wasn't too bad. There were some decent questions and the presentation wasn’t too bad. I think I would have enjoyed it some more had I played in it some more. Unfortunately, the Trivia Turmoil contest, which was held out of a commercial radio station in Adams, Wisconsin, was not held this year. The station did not have enough teams that signed up.
Too bad, from what I remember it was nice short contest, about ten hours, that had good questions and sounded good on the air. The organizer of the event is promising a return in an exclusively online format. I hope it does return. It was a good little contest. We are but less than two weeks away from the radio trivia contest that has become the gold standard, so to speak. The 90FM trivia contest, held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, kicks off towards the end of April. Having grown up in Stevens Point, this was, of course one of the big things that got me into trivia. There were other things, of course, but this really was the big one for me. It has been profiled in numerous media articles and has been the subject of a documentary film and has been profiled in Ken Jennings' book about trivia. It has inspired a couple of spinoff Internet contests that a couple of the participation teams have held. It is really considered the gold standard of radio trivia contests.
I will probably be reporting from the field when we next we blog. Herewith are the answers to the last quiz I posted:
1.) Bailey
2.) Raccoon Dog
3.) Norma
4.) Rutherford B. Hayes
5.) Alpine Skiing
6.) Fargo
7.) Atlantic Casualty Company
8.) The New Dick Van Dyke Show
It wouldn't be trivia without another quiz:
mystery picture
mystery picture
wikimedia commons
1.) What was the title of the first U.S. Billboard Top40 hit to be sung predominantly in the Xhosa language?
2.) According to TV character Jack Donaghy, what was his daughter Liddy's first word?
3.) In her blind audition round, what song did Gwen Sebastian perform in the second season of the TV talent show, The Voice?
4.) What modern airline was created to train military pilots, which was a violation of an international treaty?
5.) The stern young man in the above picture paid a man named George Benninsky to take his place in military service. Who is he?
6.) According to TV character Steven Hyde, what are the three real branches of government?
7.) What famous design does fictional character Jonathan Cross have on his jersey?
8.) A variation of this game has players drawing the numbers of the game balls and keeping them secret. The players then try to sink everyone's balls except their own. What is this game variation called?

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