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"Love at First Bark" is a little book that dog-lovers will enjoy

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Apr 12, 2012 in Lifestyle
At close to 200 pages "Love at First Bark - How Saving a Dog can Sometimes Help you Save Yourself," is an entertaining little book that dog-lovers will enjoy. Anyone who knows what it is to have a dog and to care for a dog as part of the family can easily relate to author, Julie Klam's chronicle. Easy to read and very personable, "Love at First Bark" also gently points to the fragile relationship animal shelters have with "difficult to place" pets.
This reporter has heard of this also, even here in San Francisco, the City of St. Francis - the patron saint of animals. There are times when even the most caring and out-going of animal shelters and adoption efforts are not able to find a home for every animal. Usually it is due to severe behavior issues, "spraying" or the inability to potty-train a pet. One dog in particular that Klam mentions is Clementine who had incontinence issues.
"Love at First Bark" also reminded me of another book with similar theme, "Come Back Como" by journalist Steve Winn.
It is wonderful that a pet can make such a profound difference in one's life. And, what is even more amazing as researchers are now uncovering is that dogs (and cats) have a unique bond with humans.
It is a bond that has evolved over the centuries, resulting in more than 400 breeds of dog in every shape and size.
What animal advocates want to say is that dogs are gifts to humanity. They deserve our respect and our love. It really is amazing that in a very short time as the documentary program NOVA points out that within a relatively short amount of time on the evolutionary scale, dogs adapted into pets and helpers for humans from the fierce wolf.
"Love at First Bite" is also filled with descriptions of everyday life and those familiar with New York City, and urban settings, will also enjoy the book.
Klam's book has been receiving good reviews and it is no wonder. Because, we all want to hear good things. And, what better good news that to hear that someone out there cares.