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Comments on the Comments or lack thereof

By Hans Smedbol
Posted Apr 11, 2012 in Odd News
hey guys...i logged on to the DJ just a while back, and started reading the Syrian cease fire story....there were a couple comments to the story too, so i scrolled on down to read them....but there were NO comments...and worse, the entire OPTION for making comments appears to have Facebook comments, no DJ comments....and no possibility of accessing them, at least the ways i've refreshing the page...reloading it...starting from scratch...back to the title page, and then to the comments, and no option to make them...(the usual comments "box" is not there.)
so i looked at some other was exactly the same...anybody got any ideas about this? surely it's not just my computer...
of course if there are any comments, i won't be able to see or read them at the this seems a little time wasting to write....if anybody has any ideas about how this may have happened and how we may fix it, please email me through my "contact" option on my "profile" page....because as i said, i can't see to access the "comments" widget....
all i do see is a large advert. at the bottom of the page for GM products.

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