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Very cool Jenga-inspired table

By David Silverberg
Posted Apr 10, 2012 in Lifestyle
When design studios get creative, I take notice. I'm a big fan of geeky furniture, and now there's something to satisfy the old-school board-game nerd in us.
Studio Intussen created what they call a pixel table - also a versatile cupboard, the wooden table resembles the board game Jenga, where you try to slide in wooden blocks before the structure falls. It's made with bamboo slats, and the studio site says, "The sticks of the table can be formed into a cube again, and it will adjust itself to every other content."
This design reminds me of Tetris-inspired furniture I've seen elsewhere, so perhaps we'll see a new wave of creative minds coming up with retro games seamlessly blended into interior design.
Would you buy something like this?

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