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Don't buy a Keurig Coffeemaker

By Michel F. Paré
Posted Apr 10, 2012 in Business
Early last week My partner and I were out and about in old Brockton Village in Toronto Ontario and happened upon a Keurig Coffeemaker outside a house, discarded on the sidewalk in beautiful condition or so we thought?
These babies range in price in Toronto from a $100 for a Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System (Canadian Tire) to $219 Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker (KUB70) - Platinum (Best Buy).
The model we found was Keurig Single Serve Brewer (B60) $170.
On examination we discovered the K-Cup holder and funnel was missing. We had the serial number. We wrote to both the USA and Canadian Parent company.
Serial numbers are meaningless, here's why
We received an email today from Judd Markham "Thank you for your email. The K-Cup holders are not for sale. They are considered warranty pieces. More than likely, the brewer that you found was called into our office as being defective. When a customer calls us with a brewer having issues, we try and troubleshoot but if we can't fix the issue and the brewer is in warranty we replace the brewer and ask that they send to us the K-Cup holder as proof of ownership. We advise that the brewer then be discarded. I'm sure you're brewer is one of those brewers. Probably best to discard it. Thank you again for your email."
The Americans on the other hand sent us a anonymous letter amounting to same thing: Thank you for your email. It would be best for you to talk to a representative to help discuss your options. Please contact our customer service department at 1-866-901-BREW (2739). Representatives are available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. – 12:00 Midnight EST to assist you. Please have the serial number of your brewer available when you call. The serial number for the Mini or MiniPlus is located on the bottom of the brewer on a silver sticker.For the Classic, Ultimate and Select, it is located on a sticker behind the drip tray.For the Elite, Ultra, Special Edition and Platinum it may be located either on the bottom of the brewer on a white sticker or, behind the drip tray.We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for brewing with Keurig.
So without the K-Cup holder and funnel (parts E and F in most manuals) this is a $170 piece junk, that will sit in some landfill for a 5000 years till it finally disintegrates.
Keurig Canada and Keurig USA (With ties to Timothy's & Van Houtte Coffee Companies) explanation is just a load of Horse Puckey. They make 100's of thousands of these products. Yet can't sell you small removable funnel for what $25/30 bucks?
With reports of 1,000,000 exploding Tassimo Coffeemakers and Keurig Coffeemakers that can't be repaired.
Your much better staying with your tried and true general purpose drip coffee maker. We have always liked Black and Decker.
We had thought of buying a Keurig, but now, not anymore!

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