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Public Relations & Content: Content Big Business For PR Agencies

By RonnTorossian
Posted Apr 7, 2012 in Business
Great op-ed by Julia Hood, Executive Vice President of PR Week, “Content and the convening power of PR”, where Hood rightfully argues that “This is the perfect environment for PR, the organization's natural conveners, to influence outcomes. Even as other organizational areas might take the lead on certain areas of content strategy, PR has the perfect opportunity to be the convener, to bring disparate functions together to maximize the value and assess the risk, of new content campaigns. With their journalistic DNA, communicators get not just the what and the who, but the why and the how.”
I agree with many of my peers who own Public Relations companies that content is big business, and will only grow.
 As Lord Chadlington (Peter Gummer) of Huntsworth said in his recent speech at the Public Relations World Congress:“PR is about creating content and managing communications – in whatever format it is, whether digital, online or off.
 "So much of our business has become content creation," said Harris Diamond of Interpublic.
Digital media and self-created content give everyone a voice. For good and for bad –and success in the PR world is increasingly about controlling the content and message - as the social Web has had a democratizing effect. From op-eds to blogs, videos to surveys, content creation allows publics to be reached in manners that accomplish everything PR Agencies are hired for, including increasing awareness and shaping perceptions.
In August 2010, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt said: “We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003.” That’s an amazing quote which should be continually read and understood by all of us in the communications business – and it’s a tremendous opportunity for the entire public relations industry.
The author of PR Book “For Immediate Release”, and Founder of 5WPR,a leading NY PR Agency, Ronn Torossian is a regular “content creator”, and contributor to many publications.