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Obert Madondo’s Indefinite Hunger Strike Against Canadian Government's Cruel Bill C-10 Law: Day 17 Update

By Obert Madondo
Posted Apr 7, 2012 in Politics
My name is Obert Madondo. I'm an Ottawa-based activist, progressive political blogger and permanent resident of Canada. On March 14, 2012, I started an indefinite hunger strike to protest the Conservative government's ideology-driven and cruel cruel Safe Streets and Communities Act, formerly crime Bill C-10. The key demand of my peaceful act of civil disobedience is that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Parliament of Canada should immediately repeal the new law.
The following is my journal entry on Day 17 of the hunger strike.
This journal entry covers days 15, 16 and 17 (March 28, 29 and 30) my indefinite hunger strike against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives’ draconian Safe Streets and Communities Act (Bill C-10). I started the peaceful protest at 12:01am on Wednesday, March 14. Two of my 5 demands: Repeal of the Act in its entirety and immediate resignation of newly-appointed Conservative senator Vernon White.
My legs are weaker (at times) and my injured back bothers me still. In the mornings, I’m usually alert and full of energy. The energy wanes as the day progresses. My body also now dictates two sleep schedules: midnight to about 6.30am and 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon. Otherwise, I’m doing great. My spirits are high.
Key developments:
Spent seven hours with friends and supporters at their Solidarity Fast I event at the Canadian Human Rights Memorial. Friends arranged an unexpected visit from Mayor Jim Watson’s office. The second event, Solidarity Fast II, is scheduled for Friday, April 06, 2012. I’m truly humbled that Sue Martin from Families of Sisters in Spirit will bless us with her presence. She will talk about the plight of Indigenous women and girls in Canada, and the issue of the 600+ who are disappeared or murdered. I’ll explaining why this issue is important to me, why I made it one of the five demands of my hunger strike against the Conservatives new Safe Streets and Communities Act.
Assisted with the final edit of my first YouTube video. I’m posting this article after the release of the video. I’m please to introduce video. I need your help to spread the word. Let’s unleash the potent power of the social media tell Harper and the Conservatives that the Safe Streets and Communities Act has no place in our Canada. Together, we can do it! Please share the video as widely as possible. Via our Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups. Through Twitter. Via our email contacts. Post the video to your blog. Share it with your blogging friends. Journalists too. MPs and Senators even. And ask your friends to share it with their contacts. For email shares, here’s the video’s link:
Received dozens of messages of support, solidarity and advice from through my Facebook Profile, blog, Twitter account and email. Thank you!
Posted on my blog a few articles relating to one of my key passions, Canadian politics, and to Canada’s 2012 federal budget, unveiled last week.
In the works:
Release of first YouTube video
Visit to the doctor
Health and safety meeting
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