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Turkana county searching for a new love

By kosiyae yussuf
Posted Apr 2, 2012 in Politics
The wave of oil discovery in Turkana moves at a speed and rate that is seems not to end soon . It spread like wild-fire at a time. When Turkana needs a new development minded hands to help sail the ships.will the geo-physics scientist, former Lodwar high and Nairobi University student captain the county ?
For long the county have been failed by those who lobby power for self interest out of the county. The community no longer need them. They have failed the community that trusted them to lead, they lied and adulterated and ruined the community dear living life and have allowed foreigners to scoop the wealth.It is time to seek for divorce because you no long give warmth and you are boring and Turkana county to search for new love .
Early nineties , a priest writer described the community as ' a food minded beggars' Turkanas have no culture of begging but this begging culture has root with non-governmental organization operating the county. These organizations are going solutions or seek lasting solutions in the county because they know if the community stands for their own ,no the other reason to beg and their pocket will shrink. They first beg to fatten their pocket give the spills as food for work.
Am sure Turkana are hardworking community if provided with irrigation facilities they will grow their own food. i remember Turkwel irrigation scheme used to produce enough dates, mangoes ,oranges and vegetables because they got support from NAROD.This days hardly something grow in that scheme. I visited the scheme sometimes back and i was informed the area MP promised to do something , i don't know what happen, i know him is not forgetful. May be next election will again promise the same.
Am of opinion that some of these organisation should not give financial support to political aspirant for the county because to me that is a clever way of 'looting without fear' especially when you fail to tell your work in the county. Are you there to help in politics or to help the need ?
A few enlightened individual from this impoverished community are treated well to keep silent not air out the stealing resources. The community now is aware some leaders are cheaply mask tapped to only watch looting going.
Most leaders in the community are to be easily handled. The are described as empty stomach, just give the m food and they leave you loot to your satisfaction.People speaks this in Barasas in their free time.Leaders who try to maker noise are described as bad leaders. Why are they making noise ?
'They want to enlighten this people' . 'our pocket will shrink' . say the enemy of development in Turkana county . They start backbiting whether these noise makers have wife or husbands . Ngugi Wa Thiongo put it better . 'I will Marry when I want'. And add why should an empty stomach need a male or a female.
I was suprised sometimes back when an officer was transfered to serve in a different place and he resigned because his new place of duty has nothing apart from salary ! He was like moved from heaven to hell. The heaven the owners are covered eyes to see. To him , he was to serve in Turkana to milk the cow till blood come out. He had no mercy to milk a cow with and empty belly.
Those who are against Dr. Ekal for governorship can only be termed as enemy of development. Any Turkana who want to help others , the only word that fit is bad person. People were against Jesus but he survived , many were against Mohammad but become a leader in the Arab penusila.Even Dr.Ekal will lead.
There is a team underground discussing to advise Dr. Ekal to give up governor ship for senator to stop Ethuro, Munyes and Nanok from county leadership, there are wrong. If i am given a chance to form Turkana county government, i will start with Dr. Ekal as the governor, because of his world class experience, his stand for the Turkana community, and his qualification, a Geo-physics scientist to save the already looted oil. He should be deputised by Dr. Lotesiro, they call him Bad because he fights for the Turkana and his not a mwizi . It is time we elect leaders who are bad in the eyes of the enemies, those are good leaders for us.
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Ethuro is said to have a big stomach, we don't refute your talk but enemies backbite him saying he speaks too much, yes , that is the leaders we need now , who speak too much . Turkanas can award him the post of a senator and let him the truth to bitter end.Those who wish Dr.Aukot for county government are wrong . how can put and carry eggs in one basket ? You can not all fold into county government. He is free to eat anywhere, nationally and internally. The rest there many post available for you in the national government , county government and international jobs.
some Kenyas are 50 years ahead of others. If you can cash in the Turkana oil even before drilling and discovery, I admit you are tough , much ahead of others and you have even seen you date of death. I grew up and found big name to mention claiming where the oil was discovered is a grave of a great granny. The person was lucky and is still and will live lucky. I wish this man was clever enough he could show Turkana where they belong before showing the grave of great granny , it could beat logics.
It remains me rumours I heard sometimes back, that I wished were lie, that person bought Uhuru park in Nairobi and city council were not in position to buy it back.I kept on thinking how much is Nairobi city council collect in one single day ? Up-to now am still afraid that i will wake up on morning only to find Kenya is only for one person, especially place like Turkana county.
The good news is that the land now belongs to the community and i will urge the government of Kenya to render whole lands all land in Turkana county community and title deeds invalid except Churches and Mosques so that the community be on vantage see the land kingpin.
It is a wish of every born a live boy or girl to live a descent life despite of his or her background. No one has ever wished to live in abject-poverty. every born child is with a purpose in this world of humanity. he or she is brought up with luck to success and a success minded human being to the living society.
The society the child lives in poison the mind at an early. The reason as to why experience is the best teacher is that , there is no new crimes in the world. the crime committed has been committed in the generation before.

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