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OJ Simpson "not guilty" of the murder on Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Apr 1, 2012 in Crime
A private investigator, William Dear, with a strong reputation makes a bold claim. OJ Simpson did not murder Nicole and Ron, rather his son Jason is far more likely to have committed the murders. "Bill" Dear builds a compelling case based on strong circumstantial evidence.
Some of his arguments are that Jason Simpson had a history of mental illness and stopped taking his medication, was trained to fight with knives, and had a history of mental breakdowns including violence. His handwriting certainly show signs of disintegration, anger and attempts to control a temper.
One of the strongest arguments Bill Dear makes is regarding the time card that Jason filled out. It is brought forward as "proof" that Jason's alibi being at work was weak. He claims that "Jason's time card reflects a handwritten line item for Sunday 12th and shows Jason was misleading regarding the time frame when the murders took place".
I must admit, overall, Bill Dear builds a compelling case in his 1 hour and 20 minute documentary. The time card is not a valid argument in my opinion.
Time Card not showing Sunday June 12th  1994  the day Nicole and Ron were murdered.
Time Card not showing Sunday June 12th, 1994, the day Nicole and Ron were murdered.
Bill Dear continued in his documentary that Jason Simpson was inconsistent by saying "he punched out" while his time card was clearly handwritten for the day Nicole and Ron were murdered.
A focused look at the time card shows “pay period ending” 6/19/1994. A time period is generally one week or two weeks.
I placed a box around TU and WE. The exact same copy and pasted box in the gap: This tells us the time card printer prints the days in a predetermined position. The gap is two lines worth, meaning THURSDAY and FRIDAY are missing. The following days are SAT and SUN.
It is now established that every day received it’s own predetermine line position. If you don’t work a day, the line of that day is “skipped” by the printer of the time card machine.
The SUN is the last day entered and is 6/19/94. If it was a two week period, the handwritten portion could be SUN 6/12/94 but that is not likely because then a week's worth of line items should be above the first line item "TU". The day above the first line item, "TU" is only one space, and that is Monday June 13th. ... and the reason why he said "he punched out" on the day of their murder: Sunday June 12th, 1994. It is on a different card.
It is also to be expected for Jason Simpson to forget to time stamp Monday the 13th, the day after the murder of his stepmother and Ron. After all, imagine all the questions he had to answer arriving at work. It is no wonder that he did not get a time stamp.
In my opinion, the time card argument as proof of Jason's involvement does not hold up to minimal scrutiny. Yet, it does not tell us either that he was not involved. Watch the documentary as it is thought provoking.