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If I Ruled The World

By Alexander Baron
Posted Mar 31, 2012 in World
There are kids alive today who may live to see the end of civilisation as we know it. If you think that statement is unduly fatalistic, check out this article. Do you believe you could save the world? Imagine you were able to rule the world for a month, that is you had absolute power over all the governments of the world for 31 days. What changes what you order them to make forthwith that could save the planet? Here are my suggestions. If you think you can do better, post your own blog and explain. As with mine, no one who matters will notice it, but when you are called to the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter won't be able to refuse you admission on the grounds that you didn't try.
On day 1, the very first thing I would do is remove the power to create credit from the banking cartel. I would order an audit of the Federal Reserve and of the European Central Bank, and I would hand the power to create credit to sovereign governments debt-free.
The reason for this is that as things stand, nothing that is worthwhile or even essential for the good of society is physically possible unless it is first financially possible. In the future, anything that is both physically possible and desirable will be financially possible.
As the Internet is now a major producer of wealth, I would order that part of all new credit created debt-free be given to the major Internet companies such as Google and Facebook as set out in my dissertation Why The Internet Should Create Its Own Money.
The charging of interest in any way, manner, shape or form would be forbidden worldwide in accord with the Islamic principle of prohibition of riba, and Draconian penalties would be imposed on those engaging in usury. All new debts would be void and unenforcable in law.
Also on day 1, I would shut down all oil and gas exploration and drilling in the sea, period, and would order the gradual or not so gradual reduction of all other drilling for oil, and coal mining.
Finally, I would prohibit all production of weapons from atomic bombs and chemical agents to tanks and other heavy duty weapons. The only weapons anyone, including governments, would be permitted to own and use, would be ordinary hand held firearms. Heavy weapons would be phased out as quickly as possible. American armed forces would be recalled from Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere else, ditto all other armies of occupation worldwide.
On day 2, I would instigate a Basic Income for all in the advanced nations to remove forever the poverty trap. This would involve shutting down the entire bureacracy of social security.
I would legalise totally all recreational drugs including crack cocaine. I would also legalise all victimless crimes, including any form of sexual activity between consenting adults from sodomy to prostitution, and all pseudo-crimes such as hate speech, racial bias and homophobia. Anyone anywhere serving a gaol sentence for any victimless crime that did not involve other crimes would be pardoned and discharged with $1,000 (or the equivalent) credited to an approved account, and given a travel warrant to any reasonable destination.
All laws relating to racial or other quotas would be repealed. Governments would not be permitted to operate discriminatory practices, and by the same token they would not be permitted to interfere in the running of private companies or the lives of individuals in this area. People and private bodies would be permitted to discriminate against any individual or group they chose and suffer the consequences in the marketplace in accord with Libertarian principles.
The death penalty would be abolished everywhere for all except serial killers convicted on overwhelming evidence, for spree killers convicted of four or more murders on overwhelming evidence, and for serial rapists convicted of four or more offences of actual rape. All such executions would be carried out in public. All forms of torture - including waterboarding - would be banned under all circumstances. New forms of punishment such as public humiliation would be introduced for crimes such as driving while using a mobile phone and driving under the influence of drugs.
In parallel with the lift of the ban on recreational drugs and other victimless crimes, compulsory education about the consequences of drug abuse and the consequences of unnatural sex would become part of the school curriculum. The age of consent for homosexual acts between consenting males would be raised to 18. With the exception of the morning after pill, abortion would be banned except on medical grounds, but contraception would be freely available to all.
On day 3, I would shut down all managed funds and share schemes. Anyone and everyone on Earth who owned shares or any investment would have said investment(s) returned to him, her or it (in the case of companies, clubs, etc). From that day forth, there would be no misnamed fund managers. People wishing to trade shares would be required by law to do so through a government controlled exchange which would charge a small commission on every transaction. All such trades would be conducted in person at a local office or by post. All on-line financial transactions of this nature would be prohibited forthwith. People who did not wish to manage their own funds or trade on their own accounts would be permitted to hand over said funds to the government which would hold them in escrow.
Internet access would be a universal right except for serving prisoners. Phishing, on-line fraud and deliberately accessing other peoples' on-line accounts without their permission would be subject to Draconian penalties.
All people living in tent cities in the United States and other so-called advanced nations would be moved immediately into temporary accommodation, and would be rehoused permanently once the misnamed investment banks and finance houses were closed (as in 3 above) and their premises were vacated. All such people requiring serious medical operations or treatment would be fast tracked using money saved by the dismantling of the military-industrial complex.
The Four Freedoms as devised by Dr Sun Yat-Sen in San Min Chui I would be applied universally. Individual rights would never be subjected to the tyranny of a vote.
On day 4, I would pass a decree requiring all governments to invest massively in alternative technologies with the aim of every village, town and city on Earth becoming self-sufficient within a 5 year period. All public buildings, old as well as new, would be fitted with solar panels. Construction of wind turbines, wave engines and solar panels would begin on a massive scale. All new vehicles would run on either hydrogen or electricity. All public transport within cities and major towns would be free so as to discourage the use of private vehicles.
On day 5, I would remove all trade barriers and subsidies. Sales taxes and VAT would be abolished. I would set up a committee to oversee the total dismantling of all taxes everywhere. There would also be a bonfire of controls relating to identity cards, the reduction of state controlled CCTV, screening of individuals, and government snooping of all kinds.
ECHELON and other mass surveillance programmes would be either scaled down or mothballed altogether.
Habeas corpus would be restored everywhere. No one to be held for more than 120 hours without charge under any circumstances. No one to be held in custody for more than a year and a day without a trial date being set. No one to be held more than two years without trial.
Wasted cost orders would be made against state prosecutors and police officers personally when they were shown clearly to have brought any prosecution that could be shown to be an abuse of process or clearly vexatious.
The blockade of Gaza would be lifted, and a real State of Palestine would be created. A two-state solution would be implemented with Israel secure within its own borders and Palestine likewise. Palestinians would be free to emigrate from Israel and the Palestinian Diaspora to Palestine. The City of Jerusalem would be placed under a permanent international mandate requiring free access to Christians/Moslems/Jews and Palestinians.
A theme park would be built in Gaza, and an Arab Silicon Valley. The second Jewish State of Birobidjan would be enhanced and developed.
In the United States, a commission would be instigated to explore the creation of the following:
An autonomous Northwest Republic for whites only
A Southern republic for blacks only
A Mexican Republic
Several cities or an autonomous state for Orthodox Jews
A meaningful homeland for Native Americans with the express purpose of conserving and enhancing the cultures of all the Indian tribes.
Similar commissions would be set up in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere with the aim of preserving the cultures and tribal homelands of all indigenous peoples including customs, languages and dialects.
On day 6, I would institute a new, massive space programme with the aim of putting a permanent base on the Moon and with the longer term goal of a colony on Mars and exploration beyond the Solar System.
On day 7, I would give Aubrey de Grey a billion dollars to enhance and extend his SENS Foundation. I would set up a board to distribute funds to scientists and inventors internationally, nationally and locally with a view to devoloping and bringing to market as quickly as possible new inventions and technologies that would enhance the quality of life of the human species. This would include all fields of biology, in particular human biology, genetics and eugenics to eliminate inherited diseases and to improve the intelligence, health, and lifespan of all Mankind.
The rest of the month would be devoted to implementing the above plans in detail and to ironing out any problems resulting therefrom.