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Money Making Scams!

By Kelly Quire
Posted Mar 26, 2012 in Internet
Growing up in the age of internet, computer software, and Google, you'd think that now we couldn't live without this stuff. Over the years, many people use Google to search for everything from adult content to children's toys. One of the biggest used search terms is "Making Money At Home Online", and that also means it's one of the largest scams not just here in the U.S.A., but all over the world. And I think that because the website is posted on Google, that people are just drawn right in. Some sites are actually legitimate, but I think the only real money you can make online is by selling stuff, or using G.P.T. websites like or
People now use Google to draw us into the scam and it's horrible. We have to stop falling for it, so others won't suffer. I'm not saying give up, I'm saying, you should know a scam when you see one. That includes "You only have to pay $XXX.XX for this." That is a scam. Don't let the words and pictures make you think otherwise. If your anything like me, we live paycheck to paycheck, money's tight, and I have a baby, you can't afford to even risk a dollar in today's world.
That's not to say you should give up, but just be warned. I've read many post on the internet about never paying a dime for anything. And ALWAYS LOOK into a site's history before you do. My mom works from home as a health information coder, and it pays around $10 dollars an hour. For many new work at home jobs, you have to have a degree. Don't give up and good luck with your search!

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