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"It Could Happen to You" is a wishful-thinking entertainment especially for these times.

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Mar 23, 2012 in Entertainment
The other day I watched "It Could Happen to You" a romantic comedy from 1994, starring Nicholas Cage, Bridget Fonda and Rosie Perez. The premise of the movie is actually based upon a true story where a policeman shares his lotto winnings as a tip.
The movie aims at being a "feel good" type of situation with true love emerging and being the real winner at the very end.
Yet, amid the embellishments in the story line, the screenplay authors were smart in allowing a bit of reality in the mix.
Greed, avarice and yes, disappointment are also included which if those elements were not there, the story would be so sweet the saccharin would gag the audience right away.
Perez' performance provides that negative element, which in someways is too bad because Perez is very amiable. Stanley Tucci also a likable fellow initially, shows some very unflattering moments as greed, short-sightedness and selfishness take over.
In some ways while this reporter is cheering for Fonda and Cage's characters to fall in love, there is also a bit of sadness. In that bit of sadness is a morality tale. Yes, lotto tickets and their fortunes all have a morality tale.
Perez and Tucci's characters suffer in the end and while this reporter was hoping they would "snap out of it" and just be happy for their ex-spouse and the proceeds they agreed to share, the two greedy souls they portray only get hurt in the end.
"It Could Happen to You" even with its stylized script and wonderful narration from the late Isaac Hayes, has something to say to everyone about the measure of true wealth and happiness.
As the old saying goes, there is a lot that money can not buy. That, perhaps is at the heart of this tale be it based on a real-life situation or not.
Bridget Fonda fans and Nicholas Cage fans will not be disappointed. Both are luminous in this movie. A favorite Cage performance for this reporter is still "Moonstruck," and this movie and "Little Buddha" is Fonda's best, (I think).
The title song by legendary Frank Sinatra and the ballpark scene is uplifting all by itself, such is the magic of a classic Sinatra song. And, while the movie may not be appealing to everyone, it will provide entertainment for an evening at home watching movies.

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