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Rick Santorum would much prefer that you stay at minimum wage

By André R. Gignac
Posted Mar 21, 2012 in Politics
Rick Santorum has recently called president Obama a "snob", because Potus had said earlier that he was hoping everyone in the United States could go to college.
Now, don't get me wrong, we've all met -- too often, unfortunately -- those college grads and university professors who think they're a gift of God to humanity and talk condescendingly to whomever happens to be in their way.
But to call a "snob" a president who wishes citizens would all get a chance at higher education and good paying jobs is a bit rich. In this video, Santorum even has the gall to say to the face of his audience that he would much prefer to help them get manufacturing jobs and use their skills to slowly "go higher" and get better pay to take care of their families.
Yes, some people -- a microscopic minority -- do advance in the context of a manufacturing career and they do get more than a watch after 25 years of services. But I very much doubt that in a world less and less unionized, with bosses always trying to pay their employees less and less, under the threat of moving to China, that Santorum's ideal for his fellow Americans can hold the road.
But the most painful part of this video is that people in attendance wildly applaud the man who just said, a couple of days ago, that he couldn't care less about unemployment figures.

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