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In search of interesting photos

By André R. Gignac
Posted Mar 20, 2012 in
Since I've started writing in DJ, the illustrative part of my news articles and comments for my blog has been rather limited, not to say poor. First, I took some risks by picking photos directly from the Net, thinking each time that properly crediting the author was sufficient to avoid trouble. But a staff member of Digital Journal kindly invited me to abandon this adventurous practice.
For weeks now I have been using the Digital Journal photo gallery. Although I've been able each time to find a photo that was somehow related to the story, the choice is getting thin, to say the least, and often I must search for a while. I kept saying to myself that something had to be done about that, because I know very well that an interesting article is always more interesting if it's in good company.
The same DJ staff member had also mentioned in his e-mail the "Creative Commons Pics" in Flickr. I visited that page today.
If I understand the way it works, I can use photos under "Attribution" and "No derivative works". I wonder. Do I really understand how that works? And so I ask you, members, is this the right place to pick photos (with attribution, of course), and if not, where the heck can I find nice illustrations for my texts?