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Legally Blonde: The Musical a fun fling with dance, humour

By David Silverberg
Posted Mar 11, 2012 in
I was never a fan of the movie Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon, so I approached the musical with wariness. Running at the Lower Ossington Theatre in Toronto until March 31, the musical wowed me and changed my mind about what I had previously thought was vaccuous entertainment.
I found the story about a wildly chipper L.A. sorority gal/shopaholic who enters Harvard Law School lent itself easily to the Broadway-musical format. Lots of cheeky dancing and and larger-than-life characters makes the musical a lot more palatable than the film; and I was quite impressed with the skills of the dancers in the production (I'm amazed these actors can sing and skip rope so smoothly. Wow).
Humour plays a big role in Legally Blonde: The Musical, thanks to a few secondary characters who soon become great sidebars of quick one-liners. Even the cameo appearances of a couple dogs offer a few more laughs than the requisite "awwww" moments.
This musical isn't going to change the way you think about the human condition; but it's a fantastic two hours of fun songs and entertaining characters sewn together in a plot with a few unexpected twists. And yes, you'll soon be singing "Bend...and snap" long after the final bow.
Starts: Mar 9, 2012 Ends: Mar 31, 2012
At: The Lower Ossington Theatre, 100A Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Playing: Friday
Times: Wed-Friday 8PM, Sunday 4PM
Cost: $45/ $60

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