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Another Big Mistake is bout in the world

By kosiyae yussuf
Posted Mar 11, 2012 in Crime
Another big mistake is about to be made this time not bu USA but Israel.If Iran is 9 months away from developing nuclear weapon then it has the weapon already. This means Israel reaction is too late.My question is where was Israel all this time till Iran is 9 months away from developing this dangerous weapon.
I will take my country as an example be the bullets industry in Eldoret , there were many bullets circulating in the Kenya.That is now in this situation means Iran has the weapon already. Trying to stop them is as useless as attacking them.
They might have got the weapon from friends before developing it. i.e from Russia, N.Korea ,India or Pakistan.
'Iran is not Iraq.' American declared war against Iraq and the Catching words were ' Irag is making weapon of mass destruction. I was curious and always glued to the Radio and TV and try to read newspaper to get to know more about this dangerous weapon and it availability in Iraq. Till the end of the war there was nothing.
Because there was nothing to substantiate the claim the quickly changed and took a different direction. this time catching words changed immediately to crime against humanity and alleviating the suffering Iraqian people from Sadam dictatorship.
All this wars they wait till USA election is around the corner. This has always left me thinking of American Voters Child mind played by politicians .They know the problems of Israel is security so to win votes of Israelites -American is very easy. Just a promises to solve the problems with Arab world or strike their enemy then you get votes just pap !
Now they are curiously watching if Democrats or Republicans will support Israel plans to strike Iran so that they can get a angle to sweeten their speeches to seduce votes.mmmm ! very clever !
Am sure Iran is more secularized than any other Islamic Nation in the world but it has enemies within islamic world and a good rival in the development of nuclear weapon. You can always find possible ways to finish you rival even if to kill.
Iran will not act stupidly to use nuclear weapon to wipe Israel from the world . Amadinajad statements sometimes back was only to win applaud from his audience but don't personally think he could do that without consulting his government official s !
Iran if left alone will use her nuclear energy safely just her neighbour India , Pakistan and N.Korea.
Iraqians were proud of a million military personnel to defend their country but Iranians are proud of ability and sophistication to strike Tel Aviv , Florida ,Paris ,London , being and Moscow right from Tehran.
I believe if they had intention to hit Israel, they could done it long ago !
Politics should be put aside from technological development and advancement of a nation.
What is the aim of striking Iran ?
Is it to stop from developing the weapon or to remove The government in power ?
Unless Israel want to wipe Iran from world map the technological advancement will remain in Iran despite of Change of Government.
There is no way is Israel will stop Iran from developing nuclear if Iran is only nine away from producing it.
Every country in the world is trying everything they can to make sure the citizen have received the cheaper energy power possible and Iran too want to advance technologically otherwise why allow her neighbor and not them.
'If you know you are good neighbor why should you worry when you see your neighbor is have a gun ?'
it might be you who is a bad neighbor !
The root of the problem should be unveiled to live in peace not to strike to live in pieces !