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The STRIDE Complex as the major determinant of Digital Divide

By Okechukwu Ohanyido
Posted Mar 9, 2012 in Technology
The “STRIDE Complex” , is a pneumonic that I coined in 2009 to explain the six operative factors that determine not only the existence of the Digital Divide (DD), but the extent too. These factors are namely; Socio- cultural, Technical, Regulatory, Infrastructural, Distributional, and Economic issues determine extent of digital divide in most circumstances.
The STRIDE Complex has also been referred to as the Hex (Six)- factors by my friend Cyril Nyulaku of
The concept of Digital Divide refers to many inequalities between groups, which is broadly construed in several conceptual frames, such as in terms of access to digital connection, uptake and utilisation of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies.
There are levels of digital divide , depending on frame of postulation or analysis used. Usually in describing DD inside individual countries , we tend to view and analyse DD in reference to digital inequalities between people or groups of people including communities, or it may be households, businesses, and geographic areas at different socioeconomic and other demographic levels.
On the global frame, the Global digital divide designates or ranks countries and on the units of analysis and also assays on relational level the extent of the divide between developing (South) and developed (North) countries , and this actually determines the international scale.The digital divide is not only an issue in developing countries like Nigeria, but the issues of digital divide subsists all over the world, and this disparity is even more notable within communities which has by extension contributed to knowledge divide, since access to ICT broadens the overall access to knowledge -base of the community.
It is noteworthy that digital divide now takes into consideration access, or lack of access, to the Internet, as well.