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Alternate Universes, and the Infinitely Impossible...

By Tom Head
Posted Mar 9, 2012 in Science
Quite recently, I have found myself contemplating all the big questions in life... Not just whether I left the gas on, or what time Homeland is on TV, but the colossal, unanswerable things life offers.
This week, I was thinking about the vast emptiness of space. It is so hard to believe that any explosion could span millions and millions of miles, in billionths of billionths of seconds. Then again, I'm not a religious man, and do not believe that we are here as pawns in a game for some higher power. So, here I am, alive, not knowing how I got here, what it's all about, and what I should be achieving. Nothing makes life seem so mind-numbingly benign like contemplating that.
But then, I was offered salvation, by the concept of 'Infinity'. It is the sworn enemy of mathematicians, and has baffled scientists for a very long time... not quite an infinite amount, though. If infinite can have no defined boundaries, then surely, a trillion is as close to infinity as 1 is? If there's no definite end, only a start, then it doesn't matter if we times a googleplex by a googleplex, to the power of a googleplex. There is no end. And I'll tell you why this is comforting...
If there is an infinite amount of space in the universe, eventually, every possible sequence of life must repeat once, on planets the same as ours, with similar versions of ourselves living similar (or completely different) lives. After all, it's infinite... there is no end, the trillions of seemingly trivial 'yes or no' decisions could have played out differently, in some vast quandary of space. The reason we can take solace in this is that if you're life ever seems completely impossible to salvage, look at it this way; you're taking one for the team. You might be heartbroken, but the you in a galaxy uncomprehendingly far away is having the time of their life. So write it off, call it a draw, and muster the necessary bouncebackability you need to be on top again
A final though on this... I believe I know what dreams are. They are gateways to us looking in at ourselves on these alternative lives. As one brain shuts down for sleep, another is active in an all too surreal, authentic feeling slumber. Why do you think we get deja vu? it's blatantly our time line converging, overlapping over the life we are living now!
I know... bit different from my sport-related content, isn't it? For everything else, this is the documentary that inspired me

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