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By Jon Pike
Posted Mar 4, 2012 in Entertainment
mystery picture
mystery picture
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Well, we’re in the thick of the radio station trivia contest season. I’m participating in a number of them and am giving you, my faithful readers, reports on same. I listened to a fair share of, and participated in some of the Lawrence University contest in Wisconsin. I did it remotely with some other remote players. That is one of the advantages of the Internet. It is possible these days to remotely participate in radio station trivia contests. The Lawrence contest was pretty prestigious in its day. From what I understand, it went off the rails at some point in the 1980s. I listened to the presentation of the contest, and while the Lawrence web radio station is not considered a training ground for radio, I found most of the contest to be an unlistenable mess. It seemed as though they weren’t even trying to make it sound good. As for the questions…..well……I did hear a few good, challenging trivia questions. But, most of what I heard I did not think fell into the realm of what I would consider to be trivia. A lot of the questions seemed to be about stuff that was found on blogs, viral videos, and um….violas. I found it hard to get enthused about this contest.
The KVSC contest in St. Cloud, Minnesota is much more enjoyable. The majority of the questions are framed around what I consider to be trivia: pop culture matters and the odd general knowledge questions. Many of the questions are multi-part questions and the phone operators are allowed to say that people are partially right. Teams can guess multiple times. This leads to a technique called “shot gunning.” It’s been described to me as puzzle solving. Out team shot gunned a 100 point answer. A wild guess led to a partial answer, which led to a Google search which yielded the correct answer. I enjoyed a couple of what they call “speed rounds.” These are themed rounds which feature 18, as opposed to the usual nine questions per hour. The two I was up for was one devoted to B-sides of records and one devoted to music in commercials. This contest also has some questions related to audio bits and visual trivia. A very enjoyable contest. I will no doubt be reporting next on the Iowa State Kaleidoquiz and Trivia Turmoil which is done out of a commercial station in Wisconsin.
Herewith are the answers to the last quiz:
1.) Sam Partridge
2.) When Worlds Collide
3.) Starkist Tuna
4.) Liverpool
5.) John Tyler
6.) Beer Pong
7.) Insurance
8.) North Dakota
Try These Out For The Next Time I Post
1,)What is the maiden name of Hi Flagston’s wife?
2.)The furry critter in the above picture is known by several names, what is the two-word phrase by which it is known?
3.) Movie character Margaret Roberts and her soon-to-be husband are seen attending an opera in an biographical movie. What is the title of the opera they are attending?
4.) What U.S president has a South American city named for him?
5.) In what sport did the Cayman Islands have its first Winter Olympics entry?
6.) In what movie is a Yard Shark product prominently featured?
7.) With what insurance company did the fictional Tri-States Oil Company have a group life insurance policy?
8.) This TV show, named for its star, made an abrupt format change when its lead character changed jobs from that of a TV talk show host, to that of a soap opera star. What was this TV show’s name and please be specific.
I’ll have the answers to these the next time I post a blog.

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