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Cancer Patients Hopes

By kosiyae yussuf
Posted Mar 1, 2012 in Health
Nairobi, February 29, 2012 by Kosiyae Yussuf
Cancer patients now have hope as three cryotherapy machines have been placed in Nairobi County to be used in treating of cervical cancer.
The machines were donated by the Ministry of public Health and sanitation-Division Reproductive Health with support from JhPiego’s USAID ACCESS Uzima Project. One machine was purchased at cost of $ 3000 USA dollars each which is equivalent to Kshs. 250000.
Speaking during the handing over of Cryotherapy machine to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Mathare and Mama Lucy Kibaki hospitals at KNH’s 66 clinic, The Deputy Director-Clinical services DR. Simeon Monda said that cases of cervical cancer have increased to 400,000 new cases reported yearly world-wide.
He regretted over half of death worldwide being in the developing Country. He revealed over 3000 new cases of cervical cancer being reported in Kenya alone.
Monda added that in KNH over 250 women are screened for Pap smear every-month, out which 10 are tested positive for pre-cancerous cells.
The KNH cancer treatment Centre and other cancers units in the hospital handle between 3000-4000 new patients per year.
Mr. Monda said almost 200 diagnosed patients go through Radiotherapy every day. He stated that KNH receives that bulk of the known cancer cases statistics indicates a big number of patients do not have access to diagnose or treatment.
KNH radiotherapy treatment cost Kshs. 9000 for six weeks. A course of chemotherapy treatment costs Kshs.4, 000 which translate to 24,000 for required 6 courses.
“It is still on uphill task for majority of cancer patients from low socio-economic status” said Monda.
Monda said cancer is among the leading causes of death in Africa.
The cause of cancer generally unknown but it has been associated with changing lifestyle, hereditary factors, HIV/AIDS and global warming, he explained.
Monda revealed the recent hospital purchase of a cobalt 60 Teletherapy machine for the treatment of cancer at a cost Kshs. 103 000 000/=
He said the machine help to treat almost a hundred per a day. He directed the hospital management to establish the institute of cervical cancer in the country citing examples in South Africa and Zambia where he recently visited.

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