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Speaking Obama's mind.

By Lc Loggins
Posted Feb 29, 2012 in Politics
The recent mid-term elections were overtly biased and caused certain voting blocks to suffer acute double-vision in assessing President Obama's accomplishments.....blindly they disregarded his vigorous, insistent and successful efforts to halt the economic free-fall which was casing an ominous pall on our collective psyche .....normally this type of blatant disregard for thy fellow man would be deemed uncouth or offensive; but this entrenched hatred and demonization of the leader of our country - and ostensibly , the leader of the free world, is a primal American strain of truth-be-damned ignorance…….a crown jewel of ignorance, carefully perched atop a legacy of hate, adorned by the fickle and self proclaimed leaders and eagerly consumed by the multitudes of people subject to acquiesce to the ignorance doctrine, codifying its existence……and to our detriment diluting our common humanity