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how to create random thoughts

By Lynn Herrmann
Posted Feb 28, 2012 in Internet
while many of us have been struggling to publish over the course of two days, the down time afforded random thoughts the chance to permeate the experience of frustration, and led to an obvious conclusion of how to (pardon the pun) best deal with the situation.
forgive my naiveté at blogging on dj, for this is my one and only. it is, however an extension of andrew moran’s recent blog, of which most dj participants were oh so shamefully negligent, or fearful, in their participation of.
but gee, i do wonder how accurate the scorekeepers were over monday’s, and of course today’s, debacle. maybe an audit is in order. or maybe we could help turn dj into a “how to” site, like demand studios.
here are a few assignment suggestions:
• how to crash a site
• how to write a how to article
• how to write in english-as-a-second language, and become permanent leader of an english global digital media network (yes, it exceeds 65 characters but we’ll modify it just this once)
• how to score points, no matter the game
• how to game the system
• how to to how
any other how2 ideas are welcome, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get any page views.
another suggestion. why have a monthly contest? why not just make it an ongoing thing? it would certainly be a more level playing field. just think how much fun it would be to race toward one million points. or even 10 million points.
and just three points for an original foto? what’s up with that? certainly, if someone, during their incessant editing, moves an apostrophe over ONE SPACE and has the potential to earn seven points, an original foto ought to be worth at least three and a half.
oh, one last suggestion for some of you newcomers:
and one last gee. wonder if blog comments are included in our point totals? or maybe we could get a separate badge for top blog commenter. whatchathink? anyhow, gotta run. time’s limited and the how to’s are calling...

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