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I Will Follow Christ

By Rolly Lavapie
Posted Feb 26, 2012 in
Covina, CA - A week ago on a Saturday morning, I was on my way to the church to audition for a musical play called “I Will Follow Christ”. Joe, head of the music arts ministry recommended me to play a certain character. I’ve seen the show several times and was blessed by it. But I never would have thought that I will become part of the production team and perform a challenging role that portray a person in authority but doesn’t want to take responsibility for his decision. The man who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, also known as the judge at Jesus’ trails. He was Pontius Pilate.
The Musical Play
I Will Follow Christ is a yearly Easter presentation at the Covina Assembly of God. A musical play that reenacts the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A powerful dramatically presentation coupled with lights, music, sound effects, and live performances. The scenes will take you back two thousand years ago to the life story of a Man who impacted many lives from generations to generation and up to this days. According to the Official Website, the main purpose for this production is to share God’s message of love and hope to the community. And the show was performed to more than eight thousand people each year.
The Audition
I came on time, around 10AM. Everyone was in the sanctuary - the cast, crew, directors and staff. While everyone are listening to the director’s instructions. I saw Joe looking around trying to find me. He came to me saying “Rolly, come follow me…” So I jumped out of my seat and went to the music room. By this time my heart was already pounding hard. There is always a first time for everything right? This is one of those things for me. I know the song - tune, melody, and lyrics and I’ve practiced several times when I was driving back home from work, but this is not just plain singing. I had experiences leading worship but this is totally different. It is a combination of hands and head movement, with facial expressions while singing and hitting the correct note. And on top of that my throat is killing me. I don’t even know if I can hit a high note with this situation. Good thing Joe gave me some pointers on how to act and when to breath in-between the lines. After several tries, it turns out well.
Lately I received a call from the director saying I didn't get the role. It's okay, I thought that maybe God is preparing me for some other task that I could be a blessing as well.
The Invitation
If you are visiting Southern California, USA or residing in Los Angeles California, I encourage you to see the show. It will be a life changing experience for you and your family. Your spirit rejuvenated and faith re-energized after witnessing this compelling presentation and the greatest story ever told.
For more information and Showtimes, please visit: iwillfollowchrist2012
To watch the excerpt from previous show, please visit:

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