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How to Fix Unresponsive Script Error in Firefox

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Feb 24, 2012 in Technology
Unresponsive Script Error in Firefox appears when JavaScript code runs for longer than predefined amount of time. Time is given by settings and increasing the values of those settings results in above mentioned error.
In this article you would learn how to fix unresponsive script error in Firefox.
Start Firefox in Safe Mode:
To start fixing Firefox issues, you need to start Firefox in safe mode. In safe mode, all extensions would be temporarily disabled. This would determine whether problem is due to extensions or not.
1. Click on Help Menu in Firefox.
2. Select “restart with add-ons disabled”
3. Firefox would start in safe mode.
4. Again click Help and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled
5. Press Continue
Turn Off Hardware Acceleration:
Firefox may crash or become unresponsive when using hardware acceleration. Turn off hardware acceleration to see if it fixes the problem.
1. Click on Tools | Options | Advanced panel
2. Click on General tab | Uncheck Hardware acceleration when available
3. Exit and start Firefox normally.
Check Extension Settings:
Unresponsive script error in Firefox can appear due to extension settings. Follow the steps given below to check extension settings.
1. Click on Tools menu | Add-ons
2. Select Extensions panel in Add-ons Manager tab
3. For extension that is causing problem | Options
4. Check if there is an option to solve the problem | If found
5. Save and restart Firefox
Update Extensions:
Unresponsive Script error in Firefox can appear due to outdated extensions in Firefox, follow the steps given below to update extensions.
1. Click on Tools | Add-ons
2. Select Extensions Panel from Add-ons Manager
3. Click on Find Updates | Install the updates, if found
4. Restart Firefox after installation is complete.
Update Java:
Another reason behind unresponsive script error in Firefox can be outdated version of Java on your system. Download the latest version of version of Java and install it.
Create new profile:
You should create new profile in Firefox to avoid from script unresponsive error in Firefox. Below are some helpful steps through which you can create a new profile.
1. Close Firefox completely
2. Click on Start | Run | Type “firefox.exe –p” without quotes
3. Click OK
4. Click on Create Profile | Choose the user Profile Window.
5. In Create Profile Wizard click on Next.
6. Type the name in New Profile Name and Click on Finish.
7. Uncheck Don’t ask at Startup and click on Start Firefox.
This newly created user profile would appear whenever you start Firefox web browser. If you do not want to see this Window quite often, uncheck this Window.
Disable All Extensions:
In some cases faulty extension can cause script unresponsive error in Firefox, disable all installed extensions by applying steps given below.
1. Start Firefox and click on Tools in menu bar.
2. Select Extensions panel in Add-ons Manager tab
3. Select the Extension and Disable it.
4. Repeat step 3 for all extensions
5. Restart Firefox.
6. It would fix script unresponsive error in Firefox.
Use Repair Tool
Some errors in PCs and browsers occur due to the presence of several other invalid files and registry entries in the PC. In this case it is advisable to scan your PC with some authentic software such as PCFresher System Utilities to fix errors such as Unresponsive Script in Firefox.

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