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Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Should Seek Apology to Public

By Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Posted Feb 24, 2012 in Politics
What a shame that the Prime Minister of my country brutally says, ‘it is not possible to guard bedrooms of someone’’. Because she was angered against journalists as they protested together against an inhuman killing of their colleagues Shagor and Runi in very recent in Dhaka city of Bangladesh.
Home Minister had assured people to arrest killer in 48 hours time and now which was crossed ten consecutive days without further development.
It has indicated that the scrawny government has failed to investigate the motive of shocking killing of renowned journalist couple. So the Bangladeshi journalists came up together on the street to claim of arresting promptly.
Unfortunately, the so called democratic prime minister got burst against the mass demonstration on the street by journalists. She expressed her hidden angriness in her inhuman speech against journalist. At the same time, she depend law enforcement agencies as they have failed to arrest killers. It is mysterious, why she took all responsibilities of police being a Prime Minister.
She talked like a dictator being an elected Prime Minister. She said, journalists are talking too much about killing. But they did not talk when some other journalists like Balu or Manik was killed. If then the journalists came up on the street like now, maybe they could not been killed. They are protesting this time because we are in power and it was different party in power during their killing. Here I would like to mention that; journalist Balu and Manik was assigned to local districts which were out of Dhaka. Journalist’s leaders always protested all killings in Bangladesh, and perhaps it was not a big demonstration before fifteen to ten years due to political divisions among journalists, but this is first time after 1990, all journalists got united to protest of killing of couple journalists in Dhaka city. But Prime Minister just cannot say, that they cannot protest now as they did not in the past.
This demonstration was a genuine sentiment of journalists. There was no politics, but she foolishly tried to get smell such political notion in the movement against weak actions of police.
The world should know, how a democratic Prime Minister of a democratic government, can give such dictatorial statement against the people. She was elected in general election in December 2008 after ended of army backed care taker government in Bangladesh. People had trusted her sugar quoted election manifesto to capture votes.
She clearly indicated in her speech, people have no right to talk. People just have to be silent or sleep even if someone killed in the bed rooms as she said, the government cannot guard of people’s bedrooms. That means, people have no right to ask punishment of killers, if someone is killed in bedrooms. The victim’s family cannot claim trial of killing, if the government does not wish to proceed.
As Prime Minister, she cannot say, all clues of journalist killing were destroyed due to huge gathering of journalists on the killing spot. She cannot say, killers run away because of asking questions of victim’s minor son.
What a bad signal and message she expressed to 160 million helpless people of Bangladesh! People really are shocked. People are really terrified. So Bangladesh should wake up now! Bangladesh got clear message from a so called Prime Minister that there is nobody to protect their rights and lives. People should come up on the street and they should talk about change right now. They should just say, No more, no More this kind of brutal leaders, just say let them to go away, unless she seek apology to the people!

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