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What if Kickstarter was layered with StumbleUpon?

By David Silverberg
Posted Feb 24, 2012 in Internet
Isn't it impressive when two website ideas merge to form something cool and useful? The engineers behind Hype Machine Labs created Kickstumbler, blending the services of websites Kickstarter and StumbleUpon.
Kickstarter is a funding platform for any project anyone wants to start, and it lets you create a project and ask for funding and spread the word about your idea. Project creators keep 100 percent ownership and control over their work, the website says.
Then there's StumbleUpon, a major force in aggregated content-discovery services. StumbleUpon is a well-known start-up whose members click a button called "stumble" to take them to a random page on the Web. They can narrow down their focus to categories such as Sports or Interior Design, and I've found it to be incredibly intuitive. StumbleUpon is known as a major traffic-driver for many news sites.
Enter Kickstumbler, which blends the random-surfing idea of StumbleUpon with the thousands of projects online at Kickstarter. The front page says "When not making Hype Machine, we've been obsessively browsing and funding projects. We quickly noticed though, that we haven't been exploring more than just a few categories, and we knew there must be a way out of our comfort zones."
I tried it and found intriguing projects I might not necessarily fund, but got me reading the mission statements. I learned about an urban farming outreachprogram in Providence, a public art idea in Brooklyn, laptop sleeves resembling envelopes, and too much more to name.
I've always been a fan of what Kickstarter does (and am considering using it for my Toronto Poetry Project collective). So to see Kickstumbler give us the chance to randomly find a cool project, well, I say I've found a new site to bookmark.

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