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Skyrim FPS and Performance Issues, Nerds Way to Reduce Lagging in Skyrim Game and Increase its Speed

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Feb 13, 2012 in Technology
Skyrim lags like crazy, it runs slow over a period of time, Frequent complaints are received on internet forums about Skyrim low FPS. Users are seeking new ways to improve game FPS, get maximum performance and stop it from lagging. This article contains several tricks and techniques for solving all the above discussed issues and getting most of what you have paid for.
1. Check System Specifications
2. Increase Virtual Memory
3. Update Third Party Drivers
4. Verify the Integrity of your Game Cache
5. Modify the Settings & Configurations
6. Disable VSync
7. Run a Registry Scan
8. Update DirectX and Download Windows Updates
9. Turn Off the Real-Time Scan
10. Defrag Hard Disk and Registry
Check System Specifications
There are minimum system requirements officially released by the company. All of them must be installed to improve Skyrim FPS. If some of these requirements are not installed on your machine, then you start experiencing the above mentioned problems.
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP
• Processor: AMD CPU or Quad Core Intel
• RAM: 4 GB
• HDD Space: 6 GB
• NVIDIA or AMD ATI Graphic Cards compatible with Microsoft DirectX
Increase Virtual Memory
Virtual Memory is a technique used for managing the computer memory. With the help of this technique, your operating system uses hardware memory more efficiently.
To fix Skyrim slow down issue, increase the amount of virtual memory specified by your operating system. Here are the steps required:
1. Click Start, right click My Computer.
2. Select Properties.
3. In the new dialog, click Advanced System Settings link on the left side of your screen.
4. A new dialog called System Properties will open. You would be in the Advanced tab as default. Click Settings button under Performance frame.
5. Click Advanced tab and then Change button from Virtual Memory frame.
6. Are you seeing Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box checked? If so, make it unchecked.
7. Select the drive where Skyrim is installed, for example, drive C. Then click Custom Size.
8. In Space Available, you’ll come to know how much maximum space is available in the selected drive. Increase the virtual memory accordingly.
9. Click Set button, and then OK | OK | OK.
10. Restart the computer for the changes to take effects and fix Skyrim freezes.
Update Third Party Drivers
You might need to perform driver update task in order to overcome low Skyrim FPS issue and avoid Skyrim Lagging. Simply updating the drivers will correct many problems associated with outdated versions of drivers.
1. Click Start, select Run.
2. Type mmc devmgmt.msc and then press ENTER.
3. Do the steps mentioned below for your graphics card, sound card and network adapter.
4. Right click the device you want to update and select Properties.
5. In the new dialog, click Driver tab.
6. Click Update Driver button.
7. Select the first option, i.e. Search automatically for updated driver software.
8. The process will start. Please be patient till it is finished.
Another ways of updating your drivers include manually downloading updates from manufacturer website and using a Driver Update program.
Verify the Integrity of your Game Cache
Steam enables automatic verification of your game cache. Perform the steps listed below to improve Skyrim FPS:
1. Double click Steam shortcut on your desktop.
2. Right click Skyrim icon and select Properties.
3. Click Local Files | Verify Integrity of Game Cache
Modify the Settings & Configurations
Incorrect game settings, turning on unsupported features can also cause Skyrim lags. Modify the game settings by performing the following steps:
1. Exit Skyrim.
2. Click Start | My Documents.
3. Double click to open My Games\Skyrim
4. Right click SkyrimPrefs.ini and select Open With | Notepad.
5. Click Edit | Find.
6. Type [General] in the Find box and click Find Next.
7. You’ll get the search result highlighted. At the end of this section, type FDefaultFOV=75. You can change your FOV value from 75 to 85, 100 or anything at a later time.
8. Click File | Save.
9. Exit the document. You’ll no longer experience Skyrim freezes.
Disable VSync
For improving the Skyrim FPS disable VSync feature. Again, you’ll need to modify the game configuration file.
1. Repeat the Step 1 to Step 6 from the above paragraph.
2. At the end of [General] paragraph, insert iPresentInterval=0 and save & exit.
Run a Registry Scan
In almost all cases the registry problems are found behind Skyrim slow issue. Run a registry scan using a reliable registry cleaner program such as RegInOut here and repair all issues immediately. While performing this step, please close Skyrim and other programs running on your computer.
Update DirectX and Download Windows Updates
It is possible that your computer is out-of-date because of which you’re experiencing the above mentioned issues. Update Microsoft DirectX from the official website of Microsoft Corporation. Run Windows Update as below:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs and select Windows Update.
2. Click Check for Updates button.
3. The update scanning process may take some time. Period.
4. When finished, it will show you a detailed report. Check-up the boxes of all updates that you wish to download and install. Follow the task accordingly.
5. Restart the computer when all the updates are successfully installed. Skyrim freezes will now be solved.
Turn Off the Real-Time Scan
Real-Time Scan is a feature of an antivirus program which continuously monitors the program activities and scans processed files. Although it is a very useful and significant feature, it sometimes makes conflict with Skyrim. You experience slow Skyrim issue if this feature is causing delay by scanning all the game resource files.
The process of disabling real-time scan depends on the antivirus product you use. Refer to the Help & Support Manual of your antivirus product for more detailed information.
Defrag Hard Disk and Registry
Hard Disk and Registry fragmentations also cause Skyrim low FPS. Defragment your hard disk and registry on a regular basis to fix Skyrim slow down issue.
Defragmenting your Hard Disk:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools.
2. Select Disk Defragmenter.
3. Select all your drives and click Defragment Disks button. It will solve Skyrim lags.
Defragmenting your Registry:
Since there is no built-in Registry Defragmenter available in Windows, you need to download a third party Registry Defrag tool. There are many popular registry defrag tools available such as Intel Software Partner RegInOut.
Download and run a registry defrag program. Close all other programs running on your machine. Then start the actual defragmentation process and reboot the computer when prompted. It will fix Skyrim FPS low and all other associated problems.

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