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MURDERING SYRIANS - The Unqualified Cowardice of the World

By André R. Gignac
Posted Feb 10, 2012 in World
Even more so than Gadhafi, the Syrian government’s daily killing of its own people is evident for the world to see. The recent sustained bombardment of the city of Homs is nothing if an appalling torture of innocent civilians, who have to run through bullets to get their bread.
And yet, what has the world offered to Syrians? Words, only words.
It is so intolerable, and we can only be so troubled, to see on television and on the Net the Syrian regime kill its people while the world watches on without reacting, except with empty words. The value of human life on this planet is definitely not very high. [url=Link: t=_blank]See here.
The Arab League did try some timid movements to help the Syrian people. It failed, and it failed miserably. But, astoundingly, the League is now thinking about sending again another group of questionable capability.
Western capitals also tried some timid action, when the United Nations’ Security Council acted verbally on the invitation of the Arab League, but with the miserable results we know. It is said that Washington, London and Paris knew already that Russia and China were going to veto their empty resolution, but that at least the act in itself would show that “they tried”, and it would leave them in the comfortable position of blaming Russia and China for their own inaction while Syria continues to murder its people.
As for China, which does not tolerate dissidence and has already shown it will not hesitate to kill at the first signs of uprising, and Russia, which is governed in mafia style and has already imprisoned many dissident voices, the hypocrisy that hides behind their vetoes has not fooled anyone: The two countries are simply protecting themselves from any future attempt at democratization.
It is to be hoped that, at the very least, the world will make them pay a heavy price for backing a regime bent on wiping out dissidence to the last man, woman and child. But we can only hope. Because money, profits and business will surely be in the way.
Thus we are left with continued killings, and the world is still just watching and doing nothing, except offering empty words or encouragement to people who may have just a couple of days left to live.
Fact is, there are ways we can help the Syrian people. World governments should recall all diplomats from Syria; all Syrian representatives and diplomats should be expelled from every country; China and Russia should be punished; clear warnings should be repeated every single day to Assad and his entourage that they will end up either dead or in front of international tribunals; and arms should be sent to Syrians so they can at least defend themselves.
Anything short of that is unqualified cowardice.