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French online store's "sexy fake fellatio" commercial - soft porn, fun or simply sexist?

By Johnny Summerton
Posted Feb 9, 2012 in Sports
Smutty probably isn't the right word to describe the latest advertising spot that went online just a week ago and is, according to the national daily Libération, under attack from some French feminists for being sexist.
Soft porn would be nearer the mark as once again a company is creating a stir by using that age-old advertising tool to sell - sex.
It's for 11footballclub, a French online store specialising in football garb - mainly the sort you can wear - and which is planning to open its first retail outlet shortly in the western French city of Nantes.
Time then for a spot of publicity - anything will do, as long as it gets the company noticed and everyone talking about it.
And the commercial certainly does that.
It features a sexy (of course) red headed woman on her knees apparently - so the ambiguity of the camera angle would have you believe - about to give a man oral sex.
Of course that's what you're meant to think because as the camera pans out out you see that in fact she's helping a customer try on a pair of shoes.
There are the customary sexual groans and moans (because the shoes are too tight - naturally) , very little dialogue (after all who needs it in erotica) and mood-setting background music.
Highly creative - not.
It's meant to be amusing, as Benoît Defois, co-manager of the company told the free daily newspaper 20 minutes.
"The message of the ad isn't to denigrate women, but just to say we take care of our customers," he said..
"The next episode in the the series - which might run to four or five in total - could well see a man kneeling in front of a woman," he continued.
"We might release it just before the Euro 2012 (scheduled to take place in Poland and Ukraine from June 8 - July 1) to stage") to promote women's football."
Yes that would seem entirely logical.
The intended humour though isn't how one feminist group sees it.
For the Nantes-based "Collectif radical anti-sexisme et homophobie" (Crash) it's both sexist and offensive.
"We can't constantly laugh at sexism and machismo, when we know that a woman is raped every five hours in France," a member of the group told 20 minutes.
"If a black man were in the place of women, I don't think it would make many people laugh."
Judge for yourselves..

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