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Error 2046 Fix in Windows 7, Vista and XP

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Feb 6, 2012 in Technology
Error 2046 belongs to a problem with Adobe Flash Player. While watching a video on your web browser you might receive this error and the video loading process will
interrupt. In this article all the steps necessary to overcome this error are mentioned.
1. Reinstall Adobe Flash Player
2. Re-Enable Flash Player Add-On
3. Full Scan your Registry
4. Uninstall Ad-Blocking Products
5. Scan for Malware
6. Reset the Settings
7. Install Windows Updates
8. Load the Website in Compatibility View Mode
9. De select Automatically Detect Settings Check box
Reinstall Adobe Flash Player
Since the error 2046 is caused by Adobe Flash Player it is better to first reinstall it first. Do the steps given below:
1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
2. Click Programs and then Uninstall a Program.
3. Select Adobe Flash Player from the list of displayed program list. Click Uninstall button, follow the on screen instructions and reboot your computer.
4. Download Adobe Flash Player online.
5. Run the downloaded file and install the product your own.
Re-Enable Flash Player Add-On
Adobe Flash Player add-on is installed in Internet Explorer (IE) which is loaded every time you load IE. Problem with the installation of this add-on can cause problems. As an error 2046 fix re-enable the said add-on as below:
1. Open Internet Explorer, press Alt key.
2. Select Tools -> Manage Add-Ons.
3. Select Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. Click Disable.
4. Restart the web browser and repeat the above Step 1 and Step 2.
5. Select the same add-on and click Enable button.
6. Restart IE.
Completely Scan your Registry
Your registry database can be corrupt because of which you are getting error 2046. Scan your registry for corrupted information and repair it by clicking Fix Errors button. Download a Genuine Registry Cleaner such as the Intel Software Partner RegInOut.
Uninstall Ad-Blocking Products
Are you using an ad-blocking program like AdBlock Plus? If so, this solution is for you
An Ad-Blocking program is used to block advertisements shown on different websites that you visit. Many times these programs cause problems with your web browser and make it crash with the said error.
As an error 2046 fix, first of all disable its add-on installed in your web browser. Then uninstall the software using Control Panel.
Scan for Malware
You might receive error 2046 if your machine is infected by a malware. Start a full scan and search for possible infection. Download a good antivirus software from here.
Reset the Settings
Have you recently changed the Internet Explorer settings? If so, revert the changes back to the original defaults. If you don’t know what changes you exactly made, then reset Internet Explorer using Internet Options dialog box.
1. Press Alt key, select Tools -> Internet Options.
2. A new dialog will open. Click the Reset tab and then again on Reset button from the confirmation box.
3. Close the dialog when you’re done. Restart Internet Explorer.
Install Windows Updates
Microsoft releases new updates and patches on a regular basis. They are made with the objective of solving the runtime errors and fix bugs relating to Microsoft software.
If the error 2046 is appearing because there are some technical issues with Internet Explorer, then Windows updates can help. Launch Windows Update program and update the operating system.
1. Click Start, point to All Programs. Click Windows Update.
2. Click Check for Updates button, download and install the new updates and then restart your computer.
Load the Website in Compatibility View Mode
If you’re using the newer versions of Internet Explorer, then there are more chances that you receive error 2046. This is because of website compatibility issues. Yet there are several websites that are specially designed and built for the older version of Internet Explorer. Such websites are coded to the behaviour of the older versions of Internet Explorer and are facing issues with the Meta elements.
As error 2046 fix, load active website in the Compatibility View Mode.
1. Open the problematic website.
2. Press Alt key of your key board, select Tools and then Compatibility View Settings.
3. Click the Add button, add current website and confirm it. Close the dialog.
Deselect Automatically Detect Settings Checkbox
In Local Area Network (LAN) Settings, there is a checkbox which is used to detect automatic settings for your LAN internet. For error 2046 fix deselect this check box.
1. Press Alt key, select Tools and then Internet Options.
2. Click Connections tab.
3. Click LAN Setting.
4. Deselect the box named Automatically Detect Settings and then click OK | OK.
5. Restart your browser.

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