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Online film links super game with big battle

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Feb 1, 2012 in Entertainment
"Bighorn," a 15-minute, supernatural historical fantasy based film is somehow linking itself to the upcoming Super Bowl. And why not, a link can boost business and, well, awareness.
The online film is raising the possibility that a last-minute decision by George Armstrong Custer could have played a role when the New England Patriots notched their first Super Bowl win in 2002. Yes, their first win, not appearance. They lost that one to the Chicago Bears, 46-10, in 1986.
Custer made this decision at the Battle of the Little Bighorn and just may have affected the outcome of the game.
The film's premise: an Italian immigrant and the great-great-grandfather of NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri -- was ordered to stay behind at the 7th Cavalry's Powder River camp and just missed the Battle of the Little Bighorn where Custer and his entire regiment were annihilated.
As for the film, think "Twilight Zone" meets "Field of Dreams." Or maybe, "The Natural." Or none of them.
The game in 2002 saw Adam Vinatieri boot a last-second, 48-yard field goal for a Patriots win. Oh, and in 1876. Well, it is a fantasy-based film.
Custer is portrayed by Steve Alexander and the short film is from writer/director Alfred Thomas Catalfo. he was also behind the Internet flick, "The Norman Rockwell Code."
"Bighorn" can be viewed free online.

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