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Little Princesses

By Eva M Verbeek
Posted Jan 31, 2012 in Science
Social interaction with parents can be tiring. I forgot how many times my friends rambled about the probable fact that gender specific behavior is biological determined. Everybody always agrees, though I keep bitterly quiet when this conversation comes up. It does cost me some effort to do so. I might have the need to challenge their intelligence, however, they would only get upset. Consequently, I just look the other way when the mothers bound their daughters to their biology. I am a coward, but who am I to tell a mother what is right and wrong?
However, this is a conversation between myself and I, and on paper, there are neither lies nor polite answers to give. So mothers, no, I do not agree. Your little princesses are not born little princesses. Do you really think there is a gene that makes them appeal to pink dresses, make-up and heals when they are not even seven years old? You organize princess parties, buy them princess dresses and make them watch princess movies every night. Yes, they are princesses now. They are little women with little shoes, increasingly feeling insecure about the way they look. Are they too fat? Are they pretty enough? This is what happens when you submerge your daughters into classical stereotypes. Is that biology?