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The Australia Day

By mkwrk2
Posted Jan 27, 2012 in World
by Michael Kerjman
It seems, presenting various publications of round the globe issues is still short on a tremendous date of 26 January the ships under the Union Jack arrived in new-America, a starting point of en-masse “civilizing” the southern “Terra Nullius”. To the already acquired some hands-on knowledge of the de-facto surrounding functioning of a post-Internet worldwide-much-better-known-as-it-is remote land, providing merely lacking of the local flavor just simply general info of the Australia Day is a hard task at least because of this date importance rejoiced-next-to-Christmas locally.
Such a burden of a white man-if your author might in this place be associated with one at all, not on surface but in-depth meaning of this famous colonial writer’s expression, - is surely out of consideration but just sharing an opinion of a Danish tourist considering her next visit to Australia after watching six minute firework -as her watches reveled- in a crowd on the Federation Square in Melbourne. Visually, this year celebration in Melbourne was heavily reduced to teen drinking, using slang of double meaning to Asian tourists listening politely, responding in accordance with notebook tongue and smoking in the public transport with even no shadow of drivers’ reactions.
The Day started by a male reporting of being sexually assaulted in Melbourne and climaxed into annexing the Premier Minister Julia Gillard’s shoe by protesting against Opposition leader’s remarks during the top Officials' appearance at the Award Ceremony in Canberra’s restaurant The Lobby as disclosed a bit later. A link to a media info is being provided also an author is unsure whether it might be assessable as Internet on its third decade of existence has one could say become even less reliable for dealing with either rare info (West-West Perspective: Russia as Usual , of running the project connecting Siberia with N. America) or a pure scientific publication, Time: the economics application . Good luck if any, on your attempts eventual.
Last year, at a fully-packed Australian restaurant somewhere in windy, icy, winter nighty Brooklyn, N.Y.C., seeing all the traditionally-Outback stuff was really a fun while windows were ensconced with snowy stars outside.
Yeah, it was really nice there!
And the newest info: according to media, protesters offered to exchange the P.M.’s shoe on lands they consider being stolen from them by colonists.