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The Picture, that speaks in Bangladesh!

By Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Posted Jan 24, 2012 in Politics
By Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Please look the artistic hand! Should I write more elaborately to explain the picture? Why, the photo doesn’t speak itself?
What is in his right hand? Is it not a homemade sharp weapon? It is very common in the butcher shops to chop live meat, k-o-s-h, k-o-s-h, k-o-s-h!
Could you remember the terrified sound while chopping a big leg of an animal like cow? Imagine, what the sound could be while chopping a live human?
Ohhhhhhh god, this is the civilized world we are representing now. This man is not professional butcher. But he is more than that. This picture was published in several Bangladeshi newspapers. He looks all most at my age. I am just a man, perhaps helpless journalist. And he is a so called activist of a political party in Bangladesh. He is ready to chop people on the public spot either for his party interest or for his own pocket to enhance money or wealth.
After wake up in the morning, always I put my eyes on Bangladeshi newspapers to discover new elements that can make me happy. I want to see the development of Dream Bridge on rivers, removing city traffic, stopping killing, street accident, robberies. I feel better when I do not see new violence in the city or village.
Today, my eyes have been stacked again on a horrified picture of Bangladesh. These pictorial events are not new, but today, I looked at the picture as a photo-bee, like I came to enjoy an art exhibition somewhere in the city. It looks like a beautiful art statue on the street. Some famous artist has sculpted this remarkable figure to show national and youth spirit by his creative hands.
Suddenly, I got shocked when I realize this pictorial young man actually is not that sculpture at all. He is a live man like hunter to terrorise the people. He is not alone. Thousands of young people are doing the same thing in Bangladesh now. They are divided in various political groups mainly in ruling party. Some called student activists and some called directly terrorists. They work as rental power for politics. They do not hesitate to kill live people on public spot.
The picture in my article is just a symbol of latest violence in Bangladesh. We can see very few pictures as occur all over the country every day. They kill their own people for political blood festival. In recent months, two activists of ruling party have raped a college girl all most publicly. They had snatched the girl from his husband and they tried to rape her in their house, later police rescued her in the late night. A local newspaper had reported that time, two terrorists were trying to rape the girl and some helpless people were waiting on the street to rescue. What a terrible moment it was that time. It was just one specimen of so called Chatro League, student wing of the ruling party of Bangladesh now.
They show their muscles strength to make fragile of opposition parties. But some intellectuals, writers, journalists, civil society leaders always claim that most of them are occurring violence to grabbing people’s wealth. They terrorise people to capture lands, property and public money. Corrupted Police allegedly supports them.
In last few days, the world surprisingly observed latest border clash at the Bangladesh-India border. Bangladeshi people did not see such brutality in past 40 years of independence of the country. When Bangladesh is celebrating its four decades of glories, then India started to kill Bangladeshi people like birds. Indian force is killing Bangladeshi people all most every day. There is no strong political party to protest this violence in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh government did not protest this violence strongly, either willingly or unwillingly, but people of Bangladesh are not cowered. They know how to fight. They can lay bloods to protect their rights. But they do not have strong organization or political party to move forward.
A concern minister cowardly says, ``we do not have headache about killing of smugglers or cow thieves at border’’.
Some helpless people just cried with such statement from the government and spited the minister behind. The government is trying to avoid its responsibilities thus way and showing poorness in regional politics.