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Harry Belafonte memoir is a living testimony to the important events of American History

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Jan 17, 2012 in Entertainment
When I saw singer, actor, entertainer Harry Belafonte interviewed on Sunday Morning on CBS a few weeks back, I immediately wanted to find his new book, "My Song - A Memoir."
The reason being is simple he has a lot to say because he was not just a witness to important historical and social events he was a participant. At a time when entertainers had to only entertain, Belafonte saw his position in the spotlight as an important opportunity to speak up on social issues. And, for Belafonte he like many others at the time confronted the prejudice, bigotry and racism that had been ignored decades earlier.
Yet, I also wanted to hear about his experience with the many famous people and figures he met over his five-decade career. Now in his eighties, it is important to realize that he and many of his generation are reaching the zenith of their lives and it is important that we cherish them while they are still here with us.
Also, I think for younger generations it is important to realize that many of the freedoms and privileges we have today are a direct result of the determination and courage of people like Belafonte and many others.
Some of the situations he talks about in his memoir seem almost like something from an archaic era. Yet that is how America was in the 1950's and 1960's. "My Song" also has many personal and charming recollections that for me were just as important as Belafonte's accounts of historical events of 20th Century history.

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